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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Wow. It's really close. Thinking of you all, hoping all goes well.

As fascinating as it was to see motherhood unfold the first time, after thinking it might never happen, this second time around is just as fascinating but in very different ways. There is so much less time to ponder the changes re: impact on the existing family (fascinating from an only child perspective), the wistful feelings about losing one-on-one time with baby the first, etc. I'm about a year and half into subsequent child and I'm finally getting my brain around accepting how I split my time as natural instead of worrying about short-changing someone. It's very cool and I wish you all get here smoothly very soon!

It's wonderful that TallGirl is so enthusiastic about baby boy.
Sounds like a great big sister in the bud.

Totally agree with Sue!

I hope everything goes well with Sydney. Thinking of you guys often.

Hope Friday goes ok and that the induction doesn't take too long. As far as staying at the hospital can one person be dropped off and the other parent leave occasionally with the car to take Tall Girl to the park etc? I hope it all works out great there too. That's pretty cool they let you stay. We have let an adoptive parent stay but in the same room with bio mom and it was only one person allowed to stay.

I actually felt the same wistful feeling, knowing that Jaye would no longer be The Baby anymore.

wish I saw this earlier so I could make recommendations about tall girl. but truth is, she will tire out any way you try to do this.

wishing you all well!

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