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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Hoping the stars continue to line up for all of you and you get your okay to head home sooner than later ... Send our best to Sydney too! Hoping to see you at your fabulous adoption consultant's meeting coming up :)

Woohoooo!!! So glad I checked here instead of pestering you on your phone. ICPC will come through at the last minute and you'll be completely surprised. I know we were. Hoping to see you all this next meeting too.

I'm so glad that he's okay and going home with you. Well, okay, your temporary home, but still, it's a huge improvement from the hospital! I hope all continues to be well.

Woo hoo! Way to go baby boy. His release must be such a relief. Is the ICPC something you need to leave the state with him? I hope it comes through soon whatever it is. enjoy your time as a family, together for the first time outside the hospital.

Well done baby boy!

I do hope you get a bit of a break so things can settle down.

I know that I've been so behind and disconnected as my stepfather went back to the hospital for trip #6 that I haven't been as supportive as I should have been during this whole ordeal. I am so very sorry.

I hope that discharge has happened and that things are moving forward in a positive way. Will check in with you this weekend.

I hope that you update us and don't drop off the face of the earth like you did after your first. Sorry -just feeling frustrated!

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