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Sunday, 25 September 2011


Although there have been some very difficult, uncertain and probably scary times for you all these last weeks, I think it bodes well that the three of you were able to talk things through and come up with a plan that you all like. How wonderful and exciting all the beautiful days you have to look forward to!

Wow. Just wow..... I haven't checked your site in months, just popped by on the off chance there might be an update. And, yeah, wow.

So thrilled for you all! Sorry to hear baby boy's had such a rough time of it, but happy to hear he seems to be on the road to recovery. So amazed at everything you guys have been through.

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

I was so excited to hear your news. Congrats on the start of a bunch of new relationships, and I hope your boy graces the lake house real soon.

So glad there is a plan that works for all, hope liitle guy is busted out of the hospital soon.

Sounds like a good plan. :) You guys are the best.

Lovely to think of him out of that hospital, he has done amazingly well. And it sounds like a very productive and loving conversation with Sydney. No wonder she chose you guys, it sounds like you are a marvellous fit and so aware of all you will collectively need to manage.

sounds like a wonderful conversation...so many things to work out. i love thinking of baby boy out of the hospital and you all at the lake house.

it will be such a beautiful day. and it will be soon.

sorry to hear of the other endless uncertainties and frustrating changes to an already complicated plan. hope it works itself out smoothly.

wishing you time as a new family and a safe trip home!

Anne already said it: you guys are the best.

Just read the previous post and this one together. Glad that you have found a new plan that feels right.
Overjoyed for you that baby boy is doing so well.

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