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Saturday, 17 September 2011


Happy Birthday baby boy!! Your post brought back to many memories of our sweet boy's entry into the world via induction. We are thinking of you every day and hoping all goes as it's meant to go. Sending love and hugs to all of you and especially Sydney and her family.

Oh happy day!!!

Oh M. I have both extreme joy and sad tears in my eyes. I'm sorry the birth didn't go as planned. I had a bad feeling about that with your last post, the induction and all.
Hoping all this goes well for you. I just think you are such an amazing person - and so is this other mamma. :-)

Happy birthday. I hope S is recovering well.

Wow so happy for you!
I just checked into your blog out of the blue to find this.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy! May you always be surrounded by the many, many people who love you and want the best for you.

Thank you, M, for updating us in what I'm sure is an extremely busy and emotional time.

Happy Birthday, Little One and welcome to the beautiful world!

Welcome to baby boy!

I can only try to imagine the range of emotions you're going through.

Well done baby boy, glad you made it out into the world.
Millie, it sounds like a tough time but about as un-tough as it's possible for this situation to be. Love to you all and Sydney too.

Glad he's here and I hope Sydney's recovery won't be too bad. Happy birthday baby boy!

Oh it is so very hard. Wishing you all well, and wishing Sydney a smooth recovery. C-Sections suck.

I'm glad he arrived safely, even though it sucks that Sydney couldn't have it her way. I can't wait to hear more.

Wow, I'm glad I caught your hint that you were blogging again ! I went from "I'm sorry I haven't blogged' to "there's a baby on the way" in, like ten minutes.! You are one busy family. Welcome to the baby boy and love to Sydney and all of you.

Welcome, little boy! Much love to all. xoxo

happy birthday baby boy!

much love to you guys, tall girl, sydney and her family.

Happy birthday, baby boy! So sweet of the tall girl to sing to him. Such joy. I'll send you pics of my boy and will then wait patiently for pics of your family. I hope Sydney's recovery goes well.

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