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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I don't know about Baby Boy, but I'm breathing a little easier. Glad to hear things are on the upswing.

Whew! Glad to hear things trending in positive direction. Poor little guy! I hope he gets stronger every day and you colme home all together soon.

So glad to hear that things are improving. It sounds like you all have a good plan worked out, and that he's getting good care now. Wishing you all continued improvement, rest, and more special time together.

So happpy to hear that things are getting better. I'm hoping it continues that way and you all will be going home soon.

Glad to hear that baby boy is doing better. I hope you all are breathing easily soon.

What a relief - though I realize you're not quite out of the woods yet.
Also, I'm glad you have a plan you feel comfortable with. That is worth a lot.

60ml is a lot for a newborn! Well done baby boy!

Hoping with you that you'll be heading home soon!

Oh that's great news!

This is exactly what I wanted to read, whew!

Your nurses are the sort of nurse I want to be; I'm really impressed.

So glad to hear the good news. We're thinking of you. Much love!

thanks for the shout out. thinking so much of you guys these days. get in the writing now, because there is NO time when you come home, which will be SOON!

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