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Tuesday, 09 August 2011


ok, so first of all, with my early delivery those are MY dates too. sept. 7 or 14. that is just crazy talk!

I do love how you articulate how you are grappling with the "claiming" issue. as we found with K, it IS such a delicate balance between ensuring the appropriate space for her to re-make her decision after the birth of her child, and allowing yourselves (at her invitation) to be part of this process of "expecting" -- e.g., the anticipation, excitement, planning, naming, etc. K wanted to know that we were excited, that we had ideas and plans. she actually had to push us on the naming issue. the "uncertainty" was in OUR minds, not hers. it's such a fine line, and hard to navigate when there is so much at stake. but your emotions are on the line either way, you know.

hopefully your sensitivity and openness will help sydney feel at ease with making her final decision, whatever it may be.

thinking of you all as you approach this baby's arrival. believe me, I know how fast the next month will pass (we're on the same countdown).

It's funny but before I started reading you, Lori and Luna my experience with open adoption was limited and not the best. I also thought deciding to adopt was a decision I could easily make. Now I find it so difficult. I've come to see the birth parents side so much more. And I admit that I just don't know if I could do the open adoption or at least the initial part of it and the uncertainty of it.
I hope things go well and that things aren't too crazy in the coming couple of weeks.

Whoa. Yeah. That's soon. I hear you about "claiming". There are so many layers to that one.
Super excited for you guys!!

I can see how difficult it must be trying to strike that balance between showing support for the birth mother/family and "claiming." So wonderful that you have LovelyTherapist to help you guide you all through it.

When you have some time, I'd love to hear how this experience compared to that of TallGirl's adoption.

Thanks for explaining "claiming." I was lost! I get it now, and can see how it would be difficult. You don't want to push her, but she also needs to see how excited you guys are.

Anyway, super thrilled and excited for you guys.

I love the boy sock options from Trumpette. I was so in love with those socks when e was born. The thing is, at this point, I just can't bring myself to spend that much on socks.

I don't like army camouflage fabric in clothes, regardless of the colors used, certainly not in children's clothes. There's a lot of that in boy's clothes. That and sporty looking clothes.

I'm listening and learning about open adoption. What your therapist says makes sense. I can imagine a birthmom wants to feel you're committed to parenting.

OK, I step away for a few weeks and all of THIS happens! Impending congrats, holy crap!

Checked back here randomly after years(!) and so so so excited for you and the Mister (and Tall Girl too)! Wowzers! Boys and boy names are the best. I am so glad for you, Millie :) Best wishes for the coming weeks. I'd love to follow you on FB.

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