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Tuesday, 08 December 2009


oh, its SO, SO great to "finally" hear from you! what wonderful news for both you and emily!

happy anniversary to you and the mister. and lots of goodnight kisses for the little one.

wishing all of you another 700 years of bliss....

and a happy and healthy new year as well,

Happy Anniversary to you both! Glad to hear your wee one is well.

So good to hear from you and that things are going mostly well. Happy Anniversary!!!

oh millie, i've missed you on the interwebs. happy anniversary! happy baby night in!

lovely to hear frm you and so marvellous to hear Emily's news. That has made my day!

Sounds like the best kind of anniversary. Good to hear from you, I've been wondering how things have been.

Of course Emily is remembered. I was very sad when she closed her blog, and I remember her and her partner going through a very rough patch. How lovely that they made it to the other side! I wish she would think about blogging again!

I remember all the "old timers," and I still check in hoping that Naked Ovary, Chez Miscarriage, and Hardscrabbled/Danae will magically start posting again.

I'm so happy that you have had a good couple of months. Congrats!

I'm trying to recover from the ugly sobs I broke into upon hearing Emily's news. There are very few old time bloggers for whom similar news would make me cry for so long and so hard (yourselves included, natch!).

Happy days. And Happy Anniversary!!

Wow. That's great news to hear about Emily. It's so good to hear the happy ending. :)
I'm so psyched that all is well with you. Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to Emily and her family! Wonderful, wonderful news.

I cried huge buckets of happy tears for you and then again for Emily. Of course, everyone remembers her. I often think of so many of the "old timers" and those wonderful but heartbreaking blogging days. What a wonderful support group mixed in with a bunch of laughter and tears. I know everyone helped me pull through and I am always eternally grateful for this community.

It feels so good to know that the two of you are amoung the blessed and deserving.

Love you both!


Do wish Emily congratulations from me! I read her blog not long before she closed it.

Celebrating at home with the wee one, that sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening.

Awesome news about Emily! And I'm glad things are going well with you and the wee one.

You all have been in my thoughts lately! I am so glad that all is going so well. Congratulations on your anniversary!

I am also beyond thrilled to hear Emily's news, too! I have missed her in the blog world, and I'm so glad that she has found her blissfully happy ending.

Aaaw, you sound so loved-up with Ellie and the mister. Gives this old-timer the warm and fuzzies! And tell Miss Scrambled Eggs from me....congrats and enjoy every moment. It has been a long time coming for both of you.

And June next year! Can't wait to get my mitts on that adorable baby on the East Coast. Gotta get planning!!!

Happy, happy anniversary to you and your hubby! I am so thrilled that you've been soaking in the love of your daughter and husband.

I remember when Emily closed her blog--it was such a low point for her. I am thrilled to hear that she has a daughter! "Blissfully happy" sounds so wonderful. Tell her that no one forgot her and we're all happy to hear her news!

Yipee! Glad things are going well!

Such news! From both of you! NO FAIR MAKING MOLLY CRY AT WORK!

Thank you Millie and thank you to everyone for your kind comments. They made me weepy to see you share in my joy.

I agree with Millie, there is nothing better than a night in with your wee one. Our Thanksgiving was spent with us in our pjs, scrounging for food and tending to our wee one -- and it was the best Thanksgiving -- ever.

Love to everyone. Millie can't wait to see you for a playdate :)

Congratulations Emily - great news! thanks for the update Millie - so glad to hear everything is going swimmingly.

Great update! And blog soon - or not, according to what takes priority. You sound like you have a full plate, as usual.


Congratulations to Emily! I am so happy to learn that another long time blogger has found a way to have a little one.

And great to hear things are going well, Millie. Hang in there with work -- you are not alone on the tough work thing, but we do what we have to do.

Has it been two months already? Yeesh. I am so pleased to hear of Emily's good news; thanks for passing it along. I NEED to know who your PPPS is referring to. I'm all giddy now.

I sooo remember Emily and have wondered about her for many years. She was one of the first blogs I ever read and her words gave me much comfort. Special congrats Emily!!! I am sooo happy for you.

Hi Millie, I'm so happy to hear that you are still out there. I have been checking your blog every couple of days anxiously waiting on an update on your precious baby. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas (belated i know!) and a wonderful New Year. Please update soon........Becc

Hi Millie, I am so so happy for you. It brought tears to my eyes to hear of your success and HOPE which is something we all need. I am still waiting as I prepare for my second IVF cycle but I am hopeful.....


I'll take an update from you whenever I can get one. It's really hard to blog regular when you could be kissing the chubby cheeks of the baby you have been trying for for years and years.

Hello Millie! It's Bee, stopping by on one of my infrequent surfing missions to check on old friends...I am so thrilled to read of your wee one. Really, your news has made a gray day into neon orange (and for me, that's good ;D). A kiss and hug to the little girl.

OMG. You don't know me from Adam (or Eve), but I found my way here from Birch and Maple as someone who knew Emily way, way, way back and am just so thrilled to hear her news. Thank you for posting this. Now I'm going to go dig through my old yahoo account and see if I can email her. What a joyous occasion!!!

It's pretty crappy that we all stuck with you and prayed for you and your family and no you don't update to even let us know how you are doing. I guess you put us in our place, good one.

Would loooooooooooooooooooove an update.

I too am dissapointed that you have not updated. I guess it is silly to hope so much for someone who is in the internet but I was so glad you got a baby and so dissapointed that you dont write anymore.

Hey there...any chance of an update soon?

While I stop by from time to time to check in, I am personally happy in a way that there are no updates---it means that Millie is spending every single second appreciating the great gift that she waited an eternity for.

What joy can a computer screen and keyboard bring in comparison to something that you have hoped for, prayed for, wished for, waited for--and then were ACTUALLY granted?

If it were me, I'd be sitting there, even during nap time, pinching myself to make sure this was all real.

A.F.R. can just take his or her sorry self into the time out corner...and stay there.

I hope you guys are having the times of your lives - Emily, too!

You are on my watch list & like the others, I'm happy that you are too busy to post. I'm a fellow Tarheel & wonder how you've been holding up this season...take care...the fun is only beginning.

I think that although she may be happy and enjoying every moment, I find it hard to imagine she can't spare a thought to all those who followed her and supported her. It to me shows a certain 'wrapped up in myself' thing and of course it is disappointing to follow someone who updated frequently and who you were interested in and then they finish up. It would have been nice to hear a little about the happy ever after - but I guess that is life, people don't really give a shit about you after all, it was all for their own gain.

Kim, what gain?
The fame?
The multi-million dollar payoff?
The subscription fees she hit us all up for?

And "updated frequently"?
I recall Millie apologizing for not posting constantly. That's okay--it's called having a life.

Millie is not Kate Gosselin, for God's sake...
Save your animosity for the fame whores like Kate, Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag and the Kardashian Klan.

And while I miss Millie, I have figured out that there is a big old thing called the Internet out there--with more pages to surf than your library could hold.

If this were a book, this post might be the last page. That, to me, is art--because she has obviously left us wanting more.

"PS I'll be back soon to talk adoption stuff, I promise."

From one hopefully "adoptive mama to be" to another, please don't keep us hanging. I miss your insight and would love to hear about the other side. I feel a bit disappointed, also. Just my two cents...........

We miss you! Hope that all is well with you and your family!

I miss you too! (but without the bitterness of some).
Please come back and let us know how you're doing.

the truth of the matter is that unless someone is dead or really sick, there is no excuse for not updating this blog after the baby came - it is just being selfish. it only takes a few min to write a quick post - not one of you can disagree with me on this. we can all be politically correct or we can call it like it is. i know that she does not owe us anything and does not have to write but that is not how it works and we all know it - we were all so happy for her, so excited and then nothing.nothing.nothing. we are schmucks!

Truth is that a blogger doesn't "owe" us anything. They allow us into their lives. We get attached by reading their thoughts, living through their ups and downs. Shame on those who are demanding a post. You have no idea (and neither do I) what Millie is doing - perhaps there was a death, perhaps there was just a new mother falling in love with her daughter, perhaps there's a life outside blogging (gasp!). Being petty and bitter - especially "the former reader" - is just unnecessary. Whatever Millie's state of being I hope it is happy and filled with love.

Dear "Millie",

Please don't be upset by any angst you hear here from people wanting an update. Yes, I would love an update, because we would all like to know how you, the mister, and the little one are doing. For me it is because I want what you have and don't have it yet...failed IVFs, a husband not interested in adoption break my heart and knowing you have gone thru the same things, but with a much happier ending, I guess that thru all the tears and sorry we also just want to share the laughter and the happiness. So, I think people are maybe a bit frustrated because we are all so happy for you and would like to know how you are doing and I think we also worry...what if something went wrong with the adoption? how are you settling in? what is it like to be a mom for those of us who are not and may never be? I think that's where the "bitterness of not hearing an update" come from, but please don't be bothered by it, we know you need time, we know you are busy with family, but as a "virtual group of friends/family" we just want to know that you are okay and happy and if it's time for you to say goodbye to this blog, well please just write us one last time, but if not, then we know when you are less busy physically and emotionally you will come back and update us on your new adventures as a family. So, all we can say is we care and we hope you are well and we hope to hear from you soon and we will keep checking because you have been an inspiration to us all who know the pain of being childless and the hope we have that you have shown us can spread its wings and fly. We are hear to listen when you are ready to tell your story of this new beginning. Until then...peace and love for you and your family.

Beautifully said, filmgal30-my thoughts EXACTLY. We too are facing adoption struggles, and I sought so much inspiration, hope, and strength from Millie. I sure miss her.

Millie, I second, third and fourth. Hope your family is well, happy and healthy.

Love, Roni

Just checking in---for real you should update!

Just wishing you well and hope all is okay with you and the family...miss hearing from you, but I'm sure you are just overwhelmed being a new mommy...so happy for you. Just wanted you to know still thinking of you and sending loving thoughts across the void. :-)

I hope you are doing well. I hope that E. is all she is meant to be for you and your husband. I hope you are having a glorious summer of taking baby to the beach or the park or to some cool museum (both in art and for the heat we are having). I miss you...I miss hearing your voice online, I miss hearing your adventures, I mjust miss you and hope you are well. I hope you will come back soon or if you've started a different blog about parenting please let us know, but above all I hope you have all you have wished for in motherhood and parenting...still I miss you, but I wish you well.

These days i am very happy because i love the world ...
Thank you for the post..

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