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Saturday, 03 October 2009


Perfection!!! Tears in my eyes!!

OMG, she is so perfect! Eleanor, you are one of the most awaited-babies ever--you have so many internet aunties who've been looking forward to meeting you for so long.

Millie, thank you for sharing her with us. She is just gorgeous.

This is all so wonderfully amazing! The stuff of movies, and this is just the beginning.

What a beautiful little one. Eleanor was on my short list, too. :) (Not suprising since you liked my other children's names -- we must have similar tastes.) I so, so appreciate the pictures and the stories. And the healing meeting with NPL is really frosting on the cake.

Enjoy her -- my DD turns three tomorrow and as trite as it is to say so -- time does FLY.

Just lovely. Just perfect.

OMG! She is beautiful. Love the name.

Congratulations from afar. M - I've been reading almost daily waiting and waiting to see how it all plays out. You've been so strong and so patient. There is no comparison, but 10 months of pregnancy and labor absolutely pale in comparison to this very personal journey. Your photos say a million words to all us readers. Thank you for sharing it all. And, Congratulations. love, sue

Absolutely precious! Thank you for continuing to tell your story.

Beautiful girl... Just perfect.

It was a beautiful day and so full of emotion, even those who didn't know all the backstory felt it and were moved by it. We are so very happy for you guys!
Heather and Frank and Sarah

She looks so happy to be home:)

She's gorgeous...what a cute smile!

I adore the name Eleanor. My favorite chicken was named Eleanor...she had so much personality and was a major snuggler.

OH MY GOSH.. you have me in tears. She is just beautiful and what a great smile on her face. I love the picture of her feet with all 3 of you holding her up!

NPL will always hold a special place in your hearts! Glad you saw her. Ms FoodNetwork will too, always have a huge piece of your heart too!

Simply Beautiful name! The name Eleanor is a common name in my family and I love it. Nora for short was what my Aunt was called. ahhhhh

Thank you for sharing your story with us and sharing Eleanor with us.

my baby lust is kicking in again. homestudy bound for # 2 here.

What a fantastic picture of such a beauty... already with personality to spare!! Congrats!!



What a wonderful story and a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Welcome beautiful Eleanor.

Emily (Ms. Scrambled Eggs)

She is so totally beautiful. And I'm so happy you got to see NPL again and that it all worked out the way it was "meant to be."

The smile! Oh, she is stunning.

Perfect name. You nailed it. Happiness all around!

Delurking to say how thrilled I am for you guys. I've been following your blog for sometime and you handled all the ups and especially the downs with a lot of integrity and class. And you gave us hope. All the best - have a happy life.

post! i need to see some more baby love!

We want to hear more about little miss magic. Please give us another update.

It would be hard to top this post, true, but an update would be awesome :) I hope that the first month of motherhood has been amazing for you, and that the less-than-amazing parts have been also bearable.

Can't wait for an update!!! Hope that you are savoring every second of mommyhood-can't wait to hear all about it:)

Ok, I may be out of line but I am obsessing about you and that something is wrong so could you please do a quick update? Pretty please!

She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

How are you and the mister and Eleanor? It's two months and I am sure you are super busy with beautiful baby, but I am anxioux to hear that everything is going okay. I know you need to go at your own pace with your posts, but in the meantime a quick "we are all okay" would make some of us feel a little better knowing you are all okay. Hope your holidays are going well and you are enjoying every minute with baby!

I just saw this photo. I am so seriously in love!!!! -- Bee

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