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Friday, 18 September 2009


Yeah. I hope the visit and transition are smooth. I still have to say that you are one strong lady. I'd be in a pile on the ground by now. Sending good thoughts.

So excited to hear Ms. FoodNetwork and Baby are on their way. I'll admit that some doubt has crossed my mind this week.

Thinking of you and hoping that your speed bumps continue to shrink in size.

I've been obsessively checking for news lately. I hope all goes well and I'm excited they are IN THE AIR!!!

Good luck with the next few days, I hope everything goes as well as it can.


I have been chanting "no speed bumps, no speed bumps" in my head since your last post. I guess it didn't do any good. I'm happy to hear that Ms. FoodNetwork and BabyFood are on their way! And will be refreshing constantly for that next blog post.

Glad they're in the air!

Hoping for no more bumps on this bumpy road. Fingers are crossed for all of you.

I am sending positive thoughts to you. It is sounding better and better.

in the air! eek!

Letting out a little sigh...Hope the day goes really well, from here on out. Hugs again. Glad I didn't wait for Bloglines to update!

oh millie! my prayers and wishes of good karma go out to you. breath. again. grace and strength, patience and flexibility to you and yours. ms. foodnetwork and babyfood are so very lucky to have someone like you.

In the air is f-ing fantastic news after all this. This is THE Cliff Hanger of Adoption stories, if you ask me. Sheesh.

Our accountant adopted domestically. It was a nightmare for them. She was using drugs and god knows what else throughout the pregnancy. Very, very sad. Different from your situation, of course, but every time I hear people talking about 'just' adopting, I want to send them to your blog or have them call my accountant. If only...

Sending all my good vibes to that plane and to your days to come with Ms. Foodnetwork and company. May smoothness, ease and peace come your way in heaping doses.


Another painfully-long-held breath released.

Really glad for Grandma that you did that program of study...and I wonder how Ms. Food is going to feel without that pressure. I am SO relieved she didn't accompany them.

Waves of peace floating due west....toward all four of you.

.....and one of the most healing things I've ever experienced is simply lying on an empty little beach in the sun, reorganizing sand.

exhaling.....just a little...so excited!!!

I'm so very happy to read they are on their way. I hope you all have the week you need.

Without Googling I'm going to guess Avenue Q. If that isn't the right answer -- at least it could be!

I am glad they are on their way and sorry for all the complications. The patience you and your DH are showing exceeds all reasonable bounds.

Positive thoughts to all involved (esp. Grandma Foodnetwork).


they're almost here!

i'm thinking about you guys all the time and sending you loads of love.

(omar + jimmy = double yum)

SO CLOSE! I think we are all taking a bit of the crazy for you, hence your calmness and sanity.

Their coming, what a relief.

You only had two glasses of wine after that?? I would have two bottles! You are a freakin' saint, my dear.

I'm thinking all will be fine once Grandma gets out of the picture a bit. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for her but I just want YOU to have your baby.

I hope the rest of the week goes well. It has to - it just does.

HURRAY!!!! Soon you'll be cuddling your baby! I hope the 4 of you have a wonderful time together.

I'm so happy to hear they are in the air! Big sigh of relief from me! I hope things go smoothly now that it is just the 4 of you! Take care and let us know how things go!

Yay for being in the air! I'm curious (if you are able to share) what you envision the role of Ms. Food Network's mother being once the adoption is finalized--i.e. will she be called Grandma? Visits? Do you worry about the influence/stress she may cause? Your particular breed of open adoption is incredibly intriguing to me--your approach is fresh, and indeed, one that I think many adoptions should take.

Please update us with their arrival when you are able!

I've said it before but you rock! I too would have been a total puddle in the face of that call. This is such an amazing glimpse into what an open adoption really means. Thanks again for sharing it with some of us that are not (yet?) properly enabled to take on such a challenge to address our family building issues. All the best to all of you working to make this a success. And, they are in the air! Woo-freakin' hoo!

I am on pins and needles for you! Thanks for sharing your story.

In the air is GREAT! Hoping for no more bumps. :)

Gah! I've had internet issues for a week now and have been dying to see/comment with no luck. Am hopeful via facebook and sending MUCH love and blessings to you guys. The excitement may cause me to expire over here, M! :-) *hug*

They're here!! Wow. AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL.

I think I held my breath through that entire post. I can't imagine how difficult this is for everyone involved. I really can't. Thinking of you all and hoping that they have now arrived and that things are transitioning well for everyone. Hugs to you.

Hope you are snuggling with BabyFood right now and that you enjoy a chance to talk with Ms FoodNetwork on her own. So happy for you!!

By the time I read this, they will already be there. I hope things are smooth and calm.

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