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Tuesday, 08 September 2009


Wonderful news! I don't know much about adoption, but the way you guys are doing seems to such a wonderful, loving way to go about it. BabyFood is so very lucky that everyone involved has her best interests at heart.

I kind of want to buy a first-class ticket on that flight myself so I can menace anyone who dares to blink at the presence of this particular baby.

She'll be the best in-flight entertainment ever.

Tears! I have tears, here. So happy that you will be bringing your baby home in a few days.

I'm so excited for you guys!!!! I'm glad you get to fly - that rocks.

Whew! What a relief to fly home! Yea! Thinking about you guys and so glad this transition time is going well. Much Love

AWESOME!!! We'll be thinking of you guys, especially early next week. I know that will be so hard.

Congratulations, Millie! Sending good thoughts for the flight back home and peace of heart to all.

Wishing you a wonderful flight. Yay! I am so happy for you.

I think it is so neat that she is coming with you. Do you anticipate her visiting fairly often or have you had those discussions yet? I'm so, so, so happy for you, and so excited that it looks like this is IT. Finally!!!

Wow. I am so happy for you ALL. Hope everything continues to go well. Big hugs and all my best wishes.

Fantastic! Sounds like a great situation. Thank goodness you don't have to take a train and drive. I bet the little one will be a peach on the plane. :)

Yay for planes! Safe travels.
I continue to find each step of your journey facinating and inspiring. I will be thinking of you all during your transition time and praying that it is smooth and peaceful. What a beautiful, beautiful thing you all are doing. It takes my breath away.

wonderful, awesome news!

So glad that you will be flying. And first class makes it all even better.

Wonderful news!

and joy comes with the morning.
what a beautiful post. so pleased. and the people in first class will be thrilled to be part of your journey.

Yay! First class!
Give anyone who glares at you the link to your blog and they will feel like the biggest jerks on the face of the planet once they know the back story...maybe because they would be!

Yay for flying and first class!!!! Sent you a note via FB!
Much love, kimmie

I can't wait to hear more, and I'm so glad it's going just as you planned. Congrats!! You've earned this.

Hopefully Babyfood (Petit Pois?) will sleep the sleep of the innocent on the plane.
I'm glad you're going home in style. Have a nice trip.

Congratulations!! good luck on the flight - cant wait to hear more!

Great news and congratulations. I was away from the computer for almost a week so I don't remember if I sent congrats earlier. If so, double the congrats!

So much joy in this post. It swells the heart.

Can't wait for pics and name . . .

M--great news! I wanna be on that flight myself! So have you cleared ICPC yet, do you have to go back there to do that? Anyhow I know all of those details will work out. I think this will be the easiest trip you ever take with your little girl! Keep us posted!

Amazing! First time poster here, and a fellow resident of your fair city who was blessed with twin girls 6.75 years ago via DE. I've followed you off and on for years, and am SOOO so happy for you and your family -- all of you, Ms. Food, BabyFood, the Mister and you. Mazel tov!

Hope the flight went well. Can't wait to hear more...

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