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Tuesday, 01 September 2009


hooray for initial meetings, finally! I agree baby girl was waiting for you to meet. ok, she can come now. how about now?!

Wow Millie - INCREDIBLE!! You and the Mister HAVE to get an award for Patience. Will keep checking back for Glorious news from you.

My sis-in-law in Hong Kong is scheduled for a C Section tomorrow - it would be great for my new niece/nephew and your Girlie to have the same birthday!

Oh my LORD!
I am actually starting to pray really hard, now. For wee one, for birthmama (that she floats through the delivery after such a suspense-building lead-up) and for all the rest of their families.
And I whine about my 2-day labor! This is historical.

SO happy you all met & that it's going well!!!

(And I have a jam-filled soft spot in my heart for that carousin' booty-chasin' barbecue-chef-havin' good old boy, LBJ, who forced through voting and civil rights when he knew it would mean the end of his career) :-D


I am praying for you. Let is be easy and peaceful. This too shall pass.

I would venture that this is one of the most awaited little girls ever to be born... and loved by so many who love Millie and the mister on the internets and IRL!!!

Hee hee.... you brought a cold front with you! It has been a glorious weather week for us a bit more to your east... a mere 74 degrees today... stunning first day of September. I wondered if it was any cooler to my west!

All in good time... the perfect time for everything. I trust that to my very core. I'm keeping the whole circle of people involved here in my thoughts....

Mmmmm....Amy's ice cream! That stuff is fantastic.

I am so thrilled that you got to meet Ms. FN and that all went so well in person. Crossing fingers that the little one gets here soon soon soon!

(But if you have to wait some more: East Side Cafe or the Hula Hut. Yum!)

Oh my goodness, is this the longest labor in history? So hope the girl arrived last night. It was wonderful to meet the both of you. You were also glowing in anticipation. Sent you an email with some restaurant recs.

RE: barbecue joints - drive out to Salt Lick in Driftwood. It's a great Lone Star experience and great BBQ.

Hope your baby comes soon!!

i'm so glad you got to meet. sounds wonderful! now, it's baby time.

I so hope you are in the delivery suite / birthcenter now enjoying your new baby! Thanks for keeping us up to date. I'll refresh later today to check to see if the wee little one came out yet.

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