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Saturday, 19 September 2009


Yeah! So happy for you.

So happy I am crying for you!!! I feel so happy for you both. It was a long time coming. Congratulations!!! Daisy

a wonderful update.

AMAZING!!! So happy for you guys!

Congrats. Glad BabyFood and mom made it to your house safe and sound. Hopefully, the trip there will be the only bumpy in the road...

I don't comment usually but have always kept up with your blog. I am thrilled that your daughter is there with you. What a long strange trip it's been for you all and I hope you have many late nights with your child!

Gosh I hope it's still going well. Thinking of y'all...

i Haven't been to your blog in what seems like ages. I had a thought about you last night and thought I would come check on you. WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! I am so beyond happy for you. You knew me before I had faith that I would ever bring my miracle home, you gave me hope even when you didn't have any left. Now here we are, both of us with our miracles. I'm so happy for you. So so happy.
hugs to you and YOUR DAUGHTER! *gasP*

So happy for you, and the best part is parenthood gets BETTER and BETTER. You will not believe this now, but in a year or two you will look back and know what I mean.

Congrats! Sounds like the perfect situation for all of you.

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