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Thursday, 10 September 2009


OMG how stressful! You sound v.level-headed considering what you've been thru. Such an emotional journey.
Hope everything continues to work out for all of you.

I simply don't know what to say, so I'll just send my love and hope you get some much needed rest. xxxxx

oh millie. breath. and don't forget to exhale. how complicated this all is, and you are handling it with grace, strength and compassion. and may all of that circle back to you. many wishes of good karma and blessings to you.

so emotional and stressful. I agree you are handing it with grace and strength. kudos to you both.

glad to hear there is a plan in place that may work for everyone. these next 8 days will be tough, I'm sure.

let us know if you need anything. and keep breathing.

Millie, I had to read your post several times as I kept wanting to get to the end to make sure that everything was going to be ok for you all. Now that I have actually read it word for word let me first say you are an amazing person who has blown me away with how well you are dealing with the whole situation. I really, really hope these next few days go really quickly for you and the mister. I will be thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes. Becc

you honestly cant catch a break
i want to be as kind as possible but perhaps the consultant you use is not the best path to take anymore - it does not seem that she excells in her field. you have had too much heartbreak - more than a couple trying to adopt should have to deal with.

Wow, what an interesting journey this has been for you. You and the Mr. are being so tolerant, patient, kind, understanding. This family could not ask for better future parents for their baby, or future extended family members to enter their lives. I really hope and pray that everything works out perfectly.

Thinking of you and the mister and Ms. Foodnetwork and babyfood right now. I am sure this is all a very difficult time for all of you. Hugs to you.

thinking of you and sending love.

I do not know where you have found the strength to go through this, with the plans consistently changing and every day coming differently than you had planned. Giving us a privacy-rated version of this is wonderful (we appreciate it! We're so excited for you!) but I hope you have someone in real life (a girlfriend, perhaps?) that you can call or see and tell the whole situation to. This seems a very large undertaking to have to keep entirely to yourself.

Eight days? You must be beyond excited!

Wow. What a long exhale you need to take in 8 days. I hope the time passes as quickly for you as it passes slowly for M Fnetwork and her family. Crossing my fingers this all works out in your favor.

Thinking of you and sending lots of support, love and good thoughts.

always thinking of you and your mister... sending thoughts of peace and harmony your way.

That's a lot. I'm hoping all the hard work now pays off for you, and Ms. Food Network down the road. Best of luck to all of you working through this process.

Oh, Millie, I know this is not the homecoming you and the Mister had in mind, but I do hope that homecoming is coming. You and the Mister amaze me with your patience and your commitment to the type of family building you want. Having said that, maybe you could just take an Ambien or two and sleep for eight days?

And please let me know if there's anything I can do for you here.

A long time lurker, I want to reiterate thanks for being so open and honest and brave through all this. You are an example and an inspiration for me of the very highest order. I'm so hoping that everything works out for the best in this case, particularly for all of you directly concerned.

I know that you know the cliches about how things aren't really your's unless and until you set them free and they come back to you. And what an unbelievable test of faith and love and strength and doing what's right and best is being weighed here. The stress of waiting must be awful. I hope that knowing that you've done the right thing can give you strength and faith that it will work out positively. Whatever happens.

We can tell from your posts how hard you and the mister are working at building trust, building what you hope will be a long term relationship with the birth family and working out a transition that is not only good for the adults involved but most importantly for the baby, too. I think we all hope that the decisions the birth family are making are going towards the same things.

And I also hope that years from now, you can look back on these gut churning moments and say to yourself wow that was difficult and exhausting but it got everyone what they all needed and isn't it wonderful that we have developed a solid relationship with our daughter's birth family.

Oy! You are officially a Saint, my dear. I would be having a serious meltdown by now. I really admire your strength and your ability to keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak.

You make a good point about this being more than an adoption; it's an extended family now.

But damn, I just hope things move forward quickly and that she gets to go home with you, and stay there. I think I understand what they are going through (although I probably don't, really), but it also seems like the sooner Baby Girl is settled, the better for all.

Good luck and hang in there!

We're thinking of you over here and sending good calming thoughts to the universe on your behalf. If you need a stiff drink, we're not that far north of you and our door is always open.
Heather and Frank and Sarah

Millie, will you adopt me? Honestly, you have got your SHIT together, woman.

Thinking of you.

sending peace and love and strength and calm
thinking of you all and praying that things work out in the best way possible

Sending you peace and strength.

Oh sweetie, hang in there. Like the others, I'm sending you peace and strength. be well.

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for you that you are having to deal with this. I kind of had a feeling that Ms. Food Network's mother was going to be . . . challenging. I can't believe how centered you are being about this. You are truly modeling open adoption at it's most ethical, and I think that that is a beautiful thing for people to see. You are an inspiration. I'm wondering if you are concerned about the influence Ms. Food Network's family will have after the adoption is finalized. I hope you are able to draw some clear boundaries while still having the extended family you want. I'm crossing everything I have that this works out for you.

Girl, you had better have some great reward waiting for you tomorrow, after your fundraising, to celebrate your birthday big style!!! You definitely need it.

You know I think your adoption consultant rocks and I know you have a fabulous support network there in Cali to keep you going through this process. It is a fantastic thing for Ms FN and her family to be able to have more time with the baby before they pass the baby's care into your hands and my admiration for you and the mister just keeps on growing as you negotiate your way through.

The Headbanger and I have you all in our thoughts. Time for some Beatles Rock Band to distract???

You sound like a rock of sensibility and strength. I think I would be out of my mind in a whirl of obsessive worry. Hoping this is the last of the big speedbumps for you guys, and for wee Eleanor.


Thinking of you all and hoping for Very Good Things to come!

Are you really feeling as strong as you sound? You've been through so much already, and I had hoped you were finally through all the heartache:(

You and the mister are seriously incredibly strong folks. I hope that you will be able to build that trust you need with them.

Thinking of you!

I am holding my breath and hoping beyond hope that your grace and strength bring the most desirable relationships in the long run. I truly am excited for you and really hope that the extra time brings comfort and peace to all involved. It will be really nice to have time alone with Ms. Foodnetwork and baby Food@

Daaamn, what the heck happened? It sounds a bit like having a challenging MIL. So, uh, you should be very experienced in this area! ;)

It sounds like you are taking things as they come. I so hope things with Ms. Food Network's family will work themselves out so that the adoption will continue to go forward.

Oh rats...........what a bummer. I really hope that this all works out for you.

Hi Millie...
I'll check back when I can...glad you are back with the Mr. and your pack...details, details, details. Details suck!

Just a bump in the road, just a bump in the road, just a bump in the road, ...

If I say it often enough, will it become true? I hope this time the dream comes true.

Sending prayers and wishes of peace to cover all of you.

(((((((((((((M))))))))))))))) (a really serious hug)

Sending all my best thoughts to you and the mister, M. We did not have your experience, but we waited a long, long time to finalize, and it can be so hard for people to understand that--and consequently it can be so hard not to question your own resolve. The thing that comes through more than anything is how resolved you are to do this thing honorably and with the most open of hearts, and I cannot even express how moved I am by that. Everything good to come....

Mille sweetie, I totally understand what you are trying to acomplish here, but damn you are a way better woman then me. My heart is so hurt for you right now, I even cried when I read the whole post. I am so pulling, praying, and wishing that in 8 days your little one comes home. I know this has been a hard and long road for you, and I want you to know that I am completely in awe of you and the Mr. Please know that I will be here if you need anything.


Wow Millie - your patience is astounding.

Thinking of you,


Your strength is truly mind-blowing. Thinking of you and the Mister so much.

Oh girlie....You sound so brave in your post! You know, I am so proud of you for the way you're reacting too all of this. Big hugs!!!!!!

It has taken me awhile to write because I just don't know what to say. Enough already. I just want you to have YOUR baby - with you, right thisveryminute.

I'm just thinking of you and hoping the days could possibly be flying by for you. How are you holding up? Hang in there. You are so brave and sound so level-headed through all of this.

I just logged on after the weekend and saw this. I'll be thinking of you, Ms. FoodNetwork, and the baby, and hoping for the best possible outcome for all of you. You sound so serene in this post and yet I know it's really, really hard for you--even though you know that you're helping make this a better adoption plan and relationship for all of you.

I am trying to process this in the most positive way I can, but all I can say is "Wow." Keeping all hope going toward the best result for everyone involved. Thinking of you and DH.

Hope you're hanging in there OK. I'm sure it can't be easy to be apart from Babyfood.

How are you holding up? Thinking of you this week.

Hang in there Millie. I so wish that this was a smoother process for you. You have truly been through EVERYTHING, haven't you?

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