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Saturday, 26 September 2009


I've been following you for such a long time now. I can't imagine how bittersweet this time is for you. I am however, so happy for you. Sending my love across the ocean xxx

What a wonderful few days you had all together. And how wonderful that in the end, you have your daughter in your arms. I cannot wait to see the pictures!

I'm so excited for you guys. I can't wait to see the photos!

sounds like a wonderful, heart-breaking time. it must be hard to have those two times intertwined.

I have been following forever, and holding my breath for you these past few weeks. So happy to finally feel comfortable posting a warm and heartfelt "Mazel Tov!!!!!!" to you and the Mister!!!!

Your grace through this amazing time has been inspiring.

Wishing all of you all the best!

Sounds like a lovely time. Many congratulations on your daughter and the caring, loving way you've integrated her--and her first family--into your lives.

I hope all the reunions in your future will lessen the pain of having to send Ms. Foodnetwork back home. Now get that baby girl big and strong so she can cheer on the Tarheels when basketball season starts!

I am so happy for you. You have dealt with a difficult time with grace and poise.

It sounds like some amazing and some difficult moments but that you all handled them very well. I'm so happy that you were all able to achieve what you wanted for this little girl.

Oh and yes I have seen and was totally fascinated by the cart escalator.

Of course you knew that there would be difficult moments when you chose to go this route. But between knowing they'll be there, and actually going through them is a big difference.

I'm so glad this is coming together for you. Congratulations!

I'm sure the title is from a song, but it really is the way you feel when you become a mother.

I can't seem to get through a post of yours without tears...this time both happy and sad.
Thinking of you all.

wonderful news , congratuations

Thank you for updating! I figured you were just busy but I was also holding my breath all week. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear more stories about your parenthood bliss.

Wow, thanks for sharing. A lot of what you say I have felt but haven't been able to find the words to say. I didn't want to say goodbye either. It is hard to feel so happy knowing what someone else is going through because of it. What an amazing story though. :) I am glad to have "shared" the journey with you! Maybe one day our daughters can meet.

so glad the time together went so well, even if painful at times. as you say, this is all about your daughter and all of you are doing an amazing job at keeping that in the forefront.

Congratulations on having your daughter home.

Since I know so little about the adoption process - are you offcially the adoptive parents now? Or are you guardians awaiting an official adoption? Is there an offical waiting period?

Oh, Millie. I've been waiting for this day with you for so, so long. I think often about our lunch in SA and your dragonfly necklace.

I know that this is bittersweet but also SO incredibly joyous. My most heartfelt congratulations, love and all that other good stuff to you and the Mister.

So happy for all of you.... I can't wait to see the pictures! Might have to go visit the blog and see if she posted some sneaks! I'm just so excited for you both, I told my mom, she teared up and sent her heartfelt warmest wishes to you both.


Now, I am dying to know the name you've chosen, maybe you can send a secret email to another name-obsessed mama? :-)

Congratulations. It sounds very hard and wonderful at the same time. Enjoy your new Mama-hood!

Amazing...thank you for sharing :)

What a lovely post. Tough times but you did what you and your family needed to do to feel comfortable and to make the transition the way it should be for all involved.

I am so pleased to be able to say "Congratulations!" with no reservations.

Let me add another "amazing" to the mix. You are all an amazing family to do what you did to get here. Cheers to creating as strong a foundation as you can for the chaotic bliss to come. I know this is at least partly influenced by the lumpy-butt-cheek-full of progesterone I am currently sporting, but I'm feeling such love and peace for you all. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Can't wait to hear your take on the next phase!

It sounds like you had a lovely, but brief visit together. I'm glad that Ms. FoodNetwork was able to get on the plane and leave her child in your care. It means she felt that her baby was in a very safe, loving, nuturing environment.

I can not wait until I see pictures of the happy family!

Just reading where you type 'our daughter' is just . . . so beautiful. Yet again, it's all too obvious what wonderful, caring people you are, with your concern for your little one and Ms. FN at the forefront.

WOW! I think my heart is breaking with happiness and grief. But honestly, my only question is what is her favorite band? Heh, heh! So happy for you!

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