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Saturday, 15 August 2009


What a great Saturday update. You sound more hopeful! Are you "officially" matched yet or is that not part of your process? And as someone who went two weeks past her due date, tell Ms. Food Network to hang in there. I am so glad that my midwife made me be patient. I just thought of something--here in Oregon there is a network of Doulas who will attend a potential adoption for free and offer free post-partum support for the mom as she deals with the physical/emotional healing (I have some awesome Doula friends). I am not sure if this something doulas in lonestar offer, but as Ms. Food Network sounds like she is getting overwhelmed, it might be worth it to send her the link to the DONA website. The doula is a true neutral--just there to support her birth and recovery whether or not she places. http://www.dona.org/

Obsessively checking in for news, particularly hopeful for the awesome kind...but wait...did you say SMORES ice cream? I think I officially loathe lactose intolerance now. *sniffle*

On another note, I love the entire "baby naming" game, but I'm afraid that Inara, Pagan and Fox aren't exactly up your ally! How about their middle names - Louise, Eilene and Frederick?

Much luck, my friend!

Boy, I've been treating your blog like my fav soap opera these days! Not that I have a fav soap opera, but you get my drift... Glad you got the Flip! Oh and many train systems these days do have wi-fi, giggle... I mean get a grip! Hope you miss the in-laws... If you need an 'emergency excuse' you can always use yours truly as an excuse, I mean didn't I tell you that I'm having a party and you guys are invited, but the 'laws' aren't? Oh and you can fill in the blank for the day of the party, we're always open for vino and fun! LOL xoxx

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Feel I must improve the standard of my comments in order to be merited with an @!

Totally approve of the naming conditions, although some of them don't really apply to the UK so much as the 'aden' and made up name thing happen a lot less I think.

I wanted to call Junior Horatio but I was vetoed by everyone. Don't think it will work for you, either, but think it sounds quite fab with your last name so I offer it for what it's worth. Otherwise a lot of my fave names fell foul of the 'not in top 20' thing so I'll be intrigued to see what you end up with. Boys names are hard I think.

You sound incredibly well equipped and also v zen. Have you managed to bake something as therapy? Baking has been a big part of my preparation for baby arrival in both cases.

Very excited to be part of the posse waiting with you. All crossed as ever.

Waiting anxiously to see if you updated.... just like so many others across the planet... You could be here, with me cleaning out my garage, with a heat index somewhere in the neighborhood of 105 degrees.

I have no name suggestions, I think all my names, classic as they are, would fall in the top 20, which breaks your rules!

Damn I go off the deep end for a few weeks, and you go and get yourself a match!!! I am a little confused though, do you know the sex yet?? If so, I would love to know what it is, as I may have some things that you can have... well hell reguardless, I want to send you a card!!!

I am over the moon happy for you and the Mister!!! Hugs from NC!!!

Wow, I can't believe you guys are soooo close! It just must be painful to wait. I'm sure you are doing the right thing by staying back a bit...

On the baby gear - sorry I didn't write back. My projects at work took a turn for the worse and I had 2 days of H$#L.

I do think the pram sounds like a great idea - never heard of one with a bassinett. I guess it is like an old-style pram in that way. Makes sense!

I wouldn't get another sling for baby until you know if you'll like carrying one in a sling. I found it hurt my back (and it didn't seem to matter what the style of sling was).

I think you'll do fine, no matter if you take everything baby needs, or you take nothing. I always say, "have card, will travel". :)

Hope you get the call baby very, very soon!

Still waiting with you and hoping for all the best things. Including maybe totally missing the inlaws trip.

Far out this is soooo exciting!
I have a great girls 'A' name for you ... email?

Don't check your blog for a couple months and am so amazed, incredible news!
And yes indeed, Francine (my old cycle buddy) is lovely in every way :-D
How about Henry? You can nickname it easily, if it's too nerdy for you, lol.
We have a Benjamin, but had Henry on a shortlist. What about Morgan?
Isn't this fun?

Fingers crossed for you, Millie.

I was wondering if there was an update here! Sounds like things are moving along nicely.

Lol about Hayden. That started the naming rules?

I absolutely love Emma and Sophia though, popularity be damned!

Wishing for the best, praying and continuously checking for updates. Congrats on the FLIP. I so hope you will have news soon and get your fanny on the next train/plane/automobile to your baby.

P.S. Record/Video for the birthmom your home/nursery/kitchen as well as your doggies (be sure first to know if the birthmom likes doggies) - so she has a visual and this might help her as she will know where the baby is going. Just a thought.

Thinking of you! Hoping that no news= too busy for news :P

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