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Monday, 17 August 2009


Still thinking of you and hoping that things keep moving along. So sorry to hear about your friends. How very sad.

still waiting and wishing for you!

i'm so sorry to hear about your friends...just awful. my heart dropped when i read it.

as for names...we had an awful time with names. we had some of the same rules and we ended up dropping the names we decided on after the babies were born and picking new ones. i hope i still love them years from now (the names, not the babies).

So sorry to hear about your friends, that just isn't fair. I wish I could say I don't understand their situation but it is all too familiar to me and my experiences. I have been doing nothing about becoming a mommy lately (a break from my 6 1/2 year journey) and even looked at a newish book on Amazon - Silent Sorority - about ending the journey to parenthood but it just left me feeling bitter and WANTING the happy ending. I think this all is coming up for me again because I am about to become an Aunt again...always the Auntie...

Millie - may your happy ending happen SOON. Love and strength to you!

the problem with names is everyone has an opinion! we ended up using a popular name - which is one of the spears' kid's name - but we had no idea before hand. we're too out of the loop. but once we told people the name, everyone thought it sounded right for us. and the last name? don't even get me started, but i kept my name after marriage. i'm not sure about you ms. millie and the mister. so that's another consideration. our kid has four names on the birth certificate. tears for your friend? good friends do that. my friends shed tears for me, and it's a bit gratifying to not to have to always do the crying. i'll be crying tears of joy for the gal of emerald city when your baby comes. blessings on your wait.

Please pass on condolences to your friends.

I would love to weigh in on the names, but requires too much thought. Wanted to let you know I'm waiting with you.


I thought of something that might be already on your list. Do you have a small journal for writing down baby / event things? I found that helpful. I love reading the little things that I wrote down.

Poor Mister! He has my sympathy haha!

Someone suggested Emma and I love that name. It was one of my Mum's middle names and my great-aunt's too.

Stay cool, toots!

I wish I could say that I'm surprised that you blew up over "Green Salad," but I'm not LOL... Actually though, this sh*t is enough to drive one of God's angels nuts... On a more serious note, I am so terribly saddened for your friends. I do hope that they will give it another try though. As for you, my dear, both you AND the Mr have hearts, well bigger then the state of Texas, for having the emotional wherewithal to help a friend navigate the mine fields of ttc and infertility, while waiting on pins and needles for (is it Emma, as Pamplemousse suggests - smile?) to come into your lives...

Anyhoo, you and Mister remain in my thoughts and prayers and soon, very soon we'll get to take that Flip out for a run together.

xoxx, Francine

Hi, Millie:

Just got back from vacation to hear your wonderful news! I am sorry to read of your friends disappointment, though -- the IF world has so many ways to hand out heartbreak.

I am keeping you, your DH, and Ms. Foodnetwork in my thoughts -- I do hope it all turns out the best for everyone involved.

Requiring a train trip is a little weird -- I did want to warn you that my DH came up from Kansas to Portland on the train when we first met (he had always wanted to try it) and ended up being over 24 hours late. I don't think it will be an issue with a newborn (they generally sleep so, so much) but just be prepared for possible delays. This is because commercial/freight trains have precedence over passenger trains. Now, I don't want to freak you out -- but forewarned is forearmed (don't want you to run out of diapers).

Keeping fingers crossed here and will check back for news tomorrow.



P.S. My kids are Erin Michelle, Dylan Gage and Rebecca Stacey Elise. You are welcome to use any of these. :)

Thinking of you! Keeping you in my thoughts!

Hoping you are on a plane and that good things are happening for you.

That said, I am so, so sorry for your friends' loss. It is utterly heartbreaking to get to that point but not see the heartbeat (BTDT). I am keeping them in my thoughts.

Oh wow, that is incredibly sad news for your friends. Especially to get to that point. Ugh.

On a lighter note...the green salad thing made me laugh. Green salad with vegetables is very unclear and disconcerting. Caesar salad is very specific and comforting. I think the facts are very clear. Then again, I am marrying someone who would happily put Vietnamese hot sauce on everything I make for him. Thankfully he is sometimes placated by crushed red peppers. It's hard to be me.

Oh, all kids are invited. There may be about 20 in attendance! I keep telling our officiant this really has to be a quick ceremony. Tell Ms. Food Network to please hurry up because I would hate to send out an incorrectly addresed wedding invitation! Har.

50/50?! How do you keep your mind from spinning?!
Hoping it's the right 50 this time.

I'm sorry to hear your friends have had such bad luck. That's just awful.

My goodness, I'm on pins and needles for you two. I keep checking for updates. I can't imagine how incredibly stressful this time is for you. If you are a planner, it is so hard to be in a position where you can't really plan. Because your brain? Keeps planning no matter what, hence the 3am spinning...
Thanks for all the updates!

I, too, am very sorry for you friends.

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