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Monday, 31 August 2009


Thanks for the update - the countdown is definitely on to baby Girlie's birth.....just keep breathing through the waiting....I will keep checking back to see all your updates. Hugs and tons of support.

I'm so sorry you're still in wait mode, but it sounds like you're in a great place to be waiting! Keeping fingers crossed for you.

I canNOT believe that baby hasn't shown up yet. Oh this waiting...for ALL of you. I mean, doesn't she KNOW that she has not one but TWO mommies and lots of family and hundreds of internet fans waiting for her??

I thought they were going to induce her today or tomorrow? Is that off?

Thoughts and hugs and labor vibes for that birthmom... the wait shall be over SOON!!

Oh. My. God. Can this really go on even loooooonger? You guys must be ready to climb the walls. Hoping tomorrow sees that baby girl on the outside, one way or another.

Well at least you guys have made the trip and gotten that part behind you. And as a bonus--the birth--hopefully very soon. So very excited and wishing you all well. Big hugs!

was checking for an update throughout the day. this little girl sure knows how to make an entrance fashionably late!

still planning to induce now? like, now??! how about now?!

so have you met anyone yet?

at least you can eat some good bbq while you wait, if its not 150 degrees, that is.

still thinking of you guys.

Maybe she was waiting for you to arrive and get settled in? :) I hope it is soon! And I hope that Ms. Food Network gets the birth she wanted!

I got an idea----make plans to do something interesting, like visiting the Hill Country!
That'll make her eager to make her appearance :-D
Holding thumbs....

Welcome to the Lone Star State! I've been out of town so I've missed some of your posts, but I am so happy that you and the Mister are here. And you brought a cold front, woo hoo! I sent you an email.

oh, so much waiting! you must be exhausted. thinking of you all.


Wow, at this rate, she and my daughter may share a birthday, Sept. 2! Time will tell!

Oh Millie, I'm exhausted FOR you! And precious isn't even here yet! You and your daughter will share a birthday month... As always, thinking (and constantly refreshing for new news!)of you and the mister!

i guess it's good that you're waiting in the correct state. but yuck on the waiting! enough already!

A presidential library in Texas? Didn't know Texan presidents knew how to read? (Okay, couldn't resist!)

Waiting on pins and needles for you all!

Thank you SO much, after all this torturous waiting, I needed that :-D
And I wonder if she meant the LBJ library?

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