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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


I don't have any vodka, but I will gladly share my margarita with you. :)

Hoping that you get the call and get to head out within 10 minutes of the in-laws' arrival!

What is the preferred brand? If I don't have it, I know where to get it. You won't mind if I've had a drink or three out of the bottle, right?

I agree with the above Jen... here's hoping the stars align, and you hold your mouth juuuuuuust right and you have to leave right before their plane lands, making that zero hours spent....

Okay if I ignore the more stressful issues and just distract a little? Here's hoping it helps----

1. Very complex baking &/or cooking you need to do which may take up 2+ hours per meal. Preferably to include methods which require you to be present, not like roasting, maybe making pate feuillete with all the millions of layers of butter and tender dough, having to be popped in & out of the fridge repeatedly? Anything classically French may fit the bill. Allows you to appear incredibly giving of yourself to provide them with slaved-over vittles.

2. Forget crucial ingredients at the store. Twice. Or having to go to a 2nd store to get them. Should give you an hour or more if you work it right.

3. Arrange a couple of phone calls from friends you haven't heard from since high school or who need elaborate assistance about IF. Another 2 hours.

4. Make an appt. with a "doctor". For anything that simply can't be rescheduled, maybe with the "dentist". Everyone knows how difficult it is to re-schedule with the dentist & how endless the wait for appts. Another 2 hours, minimum.

Can you tell I've got some rather unpleasant outlaws myself?

by now you're probably well into the vodka, hopefully. and they are probably asleep. you forgot to account for the time difference in which they might be in bed before you. ;)

I'm interested in hearing more about the bonding vs. transitional period and what it could look like.

sounds like you've got a lot to think about. how about a mindless movie distraction or nice dinner out? enjoy that while you can, my friend...

Hell after the inlaws visit I'll bring the vodka. And we'll go get cupcakes cause I've been craving them for months.
It does sound like there is a lot going on and it sounds like your dealing with it very well. Still hoping that things start to move a bit more smoothly here soon and that soon your on your way.

I hate waiting. I'm horrible at it. I'm thinking of you. Sending all the zen I can!

You can do it - less than 20 hours, that isn't even one day. I think you need to go to the grocery store somewhere in there for something you "forgot" and that can kill a LONG time. Maybe get a flat tire? The registers got a computer virus and it took two hours for them to fix it? Hmmmm, I'm sure I can come up with some more.

Hi, I have been reading your blog for ages and have always wanted to write to you, but have been too shy. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for updating us on what is happenning in your family and I truly hope for the best for you and your hubby you are truly inspiring.

I'm terrible with etiquette, but let's pretend I make no mistakes! A actually has some things he is ocd about but sadly they do not involve food.

Legal stuff - so a side agreement cannot solve the issues here?

Ay ay ay!!! Have you got any Pimms left haha??

My advice....just keep smiling and v.v. busy!!! You can do it!

I like your thinking. Will need to consider your method for my next MIL visit. Send you strength to hang in there and survive both the visit and the waiting.

I have butterflies in my stomach reading your posts, oh my nerves!

Good luck with the in-laws visit.

Ack, now I'm even more pins and needles after reading your update, lol!! We want to hear any and all updates you may have!

At the risk of sounding too presumptuous, why is the family asking ya'll to come out there for the birth if they want bonding time? It seems like it might be "easier" if ya'll just came out a week after birth to start the transitional time? I dunno... I know, it is so complicated, and each situation is so different, unique and personal. Hope my question was not too annoying. We are all just deeply protective of YOU! :-) Thinking of you!!

Holy Shit M, I space out for a little while, and then come back to a speeding train. Although I understand that this last week has felt like anything but.

All I can say is that I'm praying big time for you and the Mister. I'll be waiting and wishing with you.


Waiting and wishing too. Am back online and will be home tomorrow. Hope the ILs are not making you batty!

Hoping things are still going well and stalking your blog like a lunatic.

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