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Saturday, 22 August 2009


I'm so thrilled that things are moving forward and that you are approaching things as holistically as possible. As a college professor, I have had several new mothers in classes. I have always been happy to work with my students--I hope her teachers are able to do the same. If she does want to try to nurse during the transition period, one option would be for you to stroll around/near campus with the baby and then she could feed after class. Even if she is not nursing, she's probably going to be leaking, so a thoughtful gift for her might be some super-duper nursing pads so she feels less self-conscious in class. Many colleges have pumping rooms--if she doesn't already know about that, it would be something nice to find out. The seats in my college are old and ancient--some of my new mom and pregnant mom students prefer to bring a tiny cushion to sit upon, another possible gift for her since I know you know awesome travel supply stores.

Is it possible for you to have some time with Ms. Food Network sans her family? I know you said you texted, but I'm hoping that you get a chance to get to see her without the other influences. Also, I just want to applaud her for doing a birth center birth! She rocks. And if she decides to have you there, I think you will really enjoy the experience much more than at a hospital. The ones here in OR will let mothers leave as soon as 3 hours, but they can also stay up to 48 hours, so if that works better for your transition, staying longer might be a possibility.

Is the plan right now to wait until she goes into labor and then you will go or are you waiting for them to ask you to come?

Enough with my questions. I'm just so fascinated by how you are approaching this situation. Much like reading Dawn at This Woman Works, I really look forward to watching your adoption unfold.

Hi there - I have been reading your blog for ages ("meet you" through Tertia's blog) and am delurking to tell you I am THRILLED for you. I know everything isn't sewn up 100%, but this sounds like it's headed in the right direction. I also admire the respect you have for the birth mom, her family, and the as-yet unborn baby. I have been rushing to my computer everyday for updates. I hope you have great news soon.

Far out this is 'full on'!
Hard to comprehend all the various dymanics at play and being in the middle of it all.
Fingers crossed.
I think its a girl too.

oooh, raspberry vodka. What do you mix that with? I think I've tried it straight before (after many other drinks) and thought it was pretty awful straight. You are so right about the delay in the little one showing up is giving you all more of a chance to talk things out. I do have to admit though that the coparenting part would freak me out a lot. I think it's amazing though what you guys are doing as far as the getting to know one another and such. Hoping you'll get to travel soon.
So glad the inlaw visit went moderately well and that they are now on their way elsewhere.

Your explanation makes total sense, and really no explanation owed. :-) I think the transitional time sounds great, I was mainly trying to figure out if mom wanted ya'll there for the birth, or just to appear sometime afterwards. :-) Every situation is so different and unique. We did some of the transitional time when we were out of state with our DD, and I think it worked out OK although as I look back I often wonder if our daughter's other mom now wishes we hadn't been there/that she had gotten more time to herself. I felt like we were pretty sensitive, but, I often wonder. That time was very special and precious, for us all to be together, and where I truly felt like she was our family. Your consultant sounds very sensitive and awesome, and it sounds like you are in good hands :-)

I know that there are still many important details to work out. And I know that in the end everything will likely not go "perfectly" but I am so excited for you right now. You are so close to getting what you have waited for for so long! Can't wait to hear how it all works out. I really admire your determination to do this all the most ethically and sensitive way. It is a lot more work and requires a lot more selflessness, not something a lot of people could do.

Hi. I just found your blog while looking for "high fsh" blogs...so pleased to see that you are thinking of baby names. I am newly diagnosed with a high fsh and am trying to cope and find my way. Thank you for giving me hope. All the best to you.

I think it's a girl too! And the waiting is grinding. I'm happy the outlaws (love that!) were run out of town. I can't go anywhere today because there is grandparent action going on over here today, but I'll call you later. Want to hear more about this sale! Maybe Monday?

Sounds like there are still things to sort through but things are more or less going well. Can't wait to hear the news that you are on your way to the big state. I hope at some point you'll post some pix of the little one!

The transitional process sounds so much more humane and sensible; wonder why it's not done more often (or is it that I've just never heard of it but that it is done with some frequency)?
Very good comment from Wavy and I also hope you can get some personal time just with birthmom.

Why would they want not to look into any of the transition process info or the other resources? I'm sure it's tense in their house as well and that's one symptom.

Sorry to hear of your father's illness & mother's mysterious silence....can't be helping with your stress. I hope you're able to get a little exercise in. A good steam or sauna wouldn't hurt for relaxation either!

XXXXX XXXXX (ten fingers & toes, crossed)

If Ms. Food Network can hold out until next Monday, you'll have a birthday twin with Braeden. (and the weather will hopefully be much cooler-even in the Lonestar state).

I'm only good at banana bread, and it's usually well received where I go.

I must confess, I can only gawk at your open adoption path as it unfolds. Closed adoption is still very much the norm in my parts, unless I'm sorely mistaken. I've cruised through some adoption information a good while back, and contact with the birth parents was never mentioned.
It sounds like a very sensible way of doing adoption, open that is.

Do you have any idea if MrsFoodnetwork is still talking to other prospective parents?

I can't wait to hear about this baby being born, a smooth transition from Ms. Foodnetwork & her mom to you and most of all.... to seeing the profile pic changed from those shoes to a new pic with a newborn set of tootsies along side yours and the mister's!


So, so, so excited for you!

Waiting, waiting . . .

Just wanted to delurk also and let you know that I can't wait to hear more about the baby and the whole process!

Now, how am I supposed to send vodka that is a local flavor? it seems they only have a couple of suppliers as well, and with my luck they would go to deliver it, and well, you would be headed for a delivery of your own... well, that would be the best possible luck there is, huh!

Well, everybody is thinking girl.... I'm just itching to buy some girlie stuff... It's all boy stuff 'round these parts!

Our adoption caseworker told me last Thursday I needed a girl to even things out!

I feel as though I have not checked here in 6 months. I'll be sure to keep checking in more often. I feel as though I can never say the right thing to those in waiting (you, the mister and Ms. FoodNetwork especially!) so I'll just say ... good luck and best wishes for a smooth transition for all. I hope you are busy with a new jumping bean soon.

Update please?

Obsessively checking... :)

I think it's going to be a boy.

Finally have something to say aside from wishing you well and all that jazz. F. Can't - I was going to say meringues, but I'm a moron obviously. Nope, I've got nothing. Dammit!

I keep thinking girl too - but what do I know?

You know about "the happiest baby on the block" book? No offense meant, I got that book a bit late and absolutely wished I had read it before bringing A home.

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