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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Just wanted you to know that everything possible is crossed for you guys. I hope it's soon and I hope it's everything you want/need.

Congrats on the lay off.

I'm telling you...August 31st would be a great day for a birthday:)The waiting is maddening, but all of a sudden the baby will be here, and sooner than you know it.

Congratulations on the layoff.(though it sounds odd to say that).

Holding my breath for you....

It seems that everything is now aligned and meant to be! I am checking frequently and sending good thoughts always.

Glad to hear something, anyway! And how NOT a coincidence it might just be to have simultaneous informal maternity+paternity leave....not that I'm superstitious.

If this happy event comes through the way it looks like it will, you're going to wish you had laid in a supply of more than just binkies, blankies and butt-wipies. If I were you, I'd be using my antsiness and all this waiting to get cookin', sister. You'll be very, very grateful when the time comes that you have a dozen or so wholesome, easy-to-reheat casseroles/stews/gratins/etc just waiting for your frazzled self to take out of the freezer. TRUST ME.


the universe is lining up... great things are on the horizon.

The job situation sounds wonderfully serendipitous to me. And I am just on pins and needles, waiting and hoping and trolling your blog for updates a dozen times a day.

One question: Isn't Ms. FoodNetwork waaaay past her due date (or maybe it just seems that way)? Any talk of induction? I thought 7-10 days past EDD was the max allowed these days.

Thinking of you,

Still waiting with you and thinking the job changes could end up being a very good thing. Hope you hear more soon.

I'm so happy for the Mister! This couldn't have happened at a better time and he's bound for better things. I'm sorry L got too sad to stay. I was hoping we would get to hang out.

Hey Lady, boy what a roller coaster. But it all sounds good... I'm glad you posted. I was half-way thinking that you were on an airplane somewhere... Give my love and hugs to the Mister.

oh dear. so many changes in the air. i'm glad the mister has a good package. it's going to very nice to have the time together. blessings and luck to you! we're anxiously waiting for news from you!

Man, a gal goes back to work after having the summer off, and all hell breaks loose on your blog! It was some random comment on facebook that sent me here and WOW! I'm too tired to get all the details - will read later - but I got the jist of it - I'm so excited for you and the mister, Millie ! Hope that phone rings soon.


you know things happen in mysterious ways! this must be a sign that good things are to come for you guys. :)

... yes, I have been stalking you from my blackberry the entire time we have been at Disneyland. DH has gotten so pissed off at me that I have resorted to going into the bathroom to check for an update. <3

Although this waiting must be driving you nuts (it's driving me nuts! ;) ), it's nice she's going to labor when it comes. I know jack about adoption, but it just seems like it goes in line with the transition period you have described. Not rushing anything, giving time to process, etc.

That said, that baby should really hurry up!

Glad the Mister got a nice package and you guys will have some time off together!

Non-baby related= So you can't call it a chiffon cake unless it uses oil instead of butter or is there some other thing in addition that makes it a "chiffon" cake?

Baby related=Keeping my fingers crossed that all your wishes will come true by the end of the week...I go on Sunday to find out if my IVF worked or not (I'm as nervous as a cat in a room full of dogs, but haven't said anything because I am just trying not to think about it, but wanted you to know)...I am hoping you get your baby by then!

Just adding my support on all fronts -- baby wait, your job issues, and DH job layoffs.

No need for reply. :)


I admire the lemonade out of lemons attitude y'all got ;)

The Headbanger is now checking daily for updates as well, as we are both on the ledge with you guys.

Get cooking and fill that ginormous freezer whilst you wait.

thinking of you and hoping for you. i'm stressed out all the way across the country.

Keeping you in my thoughts. Yay for 42 week babies. My own "overdue" girl drove me crazy going two weeks past, but I am so glad we waited. On the plus side, 42 weekers are usually more robust (expect a BIG baby), sleep better, and have fewer feeding issues. This is an awesome site about "over due" babies: http://birthlove.cyclzone.com/pages/ten_month_mama.html

Good luck, filmagal---we're rooting for you!

And another interesting tidbit about overdue babies....a friend of mine was really late and he was born with shoulder-length hair & a full set of teeth! :-O !!

And, what Elana said! I'm stressed out all the way across the country, too!


Still here, keeping tabs on you, and cheering ya'll along!!

Millie you and your DH are in my thoughts. May you both be blessed with patience and quietness in the now as your future will surely be full of a baby's crying and loving.

I'm hoping you are already in Lonestar, too busy to update!

good lord! how overdue can this baby get? if it's this torturous for me, I can't imagine what it must feel like on your end.
thinking of you and holding my breath til the next update.

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