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Friday, 28 August 2009


A girl, yay!

I don't understand why she scheduled an induction apointment but doesn't want to go. Usually the midwife people are in the no induction forever and ever camp. I'm sure you know this. I'm just puzzled!

Not on a plane yet, but you will be soon! And a girl! Can't wait to hear more!

I have tears. You. With a baby. A baby girl. Oh the fun. I hope you have a big closet!!!!

Seriously, how much zen can a person possibly have, go on, let yourself get a little nutty. You deserve it. :)
All the good thoughts I can possibly muster for someone I have never met...

Congrats!!! Baby girls are so much fun!

Eee, a girl! Oh, the clothing opportunities abound!

I am so excited and anxious for you all! Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well, and soon!

A girl, yay! I always thought I wanted a boy, but I can't imagine it any other way now.

Soooo excited for you!!

@ Red Headed Momma--In many states you can only "legally" deliver at a birth center until 42 weeks. Many home birth midwives will indeed go past 42 weeks, but in some states, home birth midwives are barred from going past 42 weeks as well. For our hospital birth center birth with a midwife, the back-up OB wouldn't go past the end of the 42nd week. I went into labor 6 hours before the induction :) I'm hoping it's MUCH sooner for Ms. Food Network. I'm hoping the herbs work and that you get woken up tonight!

Ms. Food Network's Mom seems a bit . . . over involved? I hope she manages to achieve the right balance between support for Ms. Food Network and stepping back a bit. I imagine this is where your Consultant has been working with her, and I'm glad it's not all on you to navigate that relationship. I'm glad that Ms. Food Network's family is in favor of her placing, but I hope that they let her have things like *she* wants.

I am so, so, so excited for you. A GIRL! That rocks. And now for the naming . . .

lovely lady -- what a bittersweet day for you.

i'm here with everyone else, waiting for you to meet that little GIRL...

lots of love from here to there.

This is all so exciting. Very good things are happening.

Ok, I am so completely chewing my fingers off here - no nails left to bite! Thinking of you, the mister, the baby girl (hoping she is soon to be YOUR baby girl), Ms. Foodnetwork, and your dear friend smiling down on you, and wanting you to know that she'll be there with you when all of us cant fit in a tiny room in the Lonestar State... Sometimes being in the spirit world has it's benefits... Love you, can't wait to hear more, and can't wait to see you guys and your baby girl. I am going to cry a lot. such pure joy.

Wow, a little bundle of pink!!! Anxiously staying tuned.

I like how you admit that you're all out of Zen. I would be completely just spinning from the stress/excitement/anticipation of the whole process. Hope that you are very soon traveling.

This has made my night - a girl, girl, girl!!!! So exciting.

Well darn, I had a 50% chance of being right! Then again, I was sure Grrl was going to have a girl...

Thank you for your update. I am wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for you all this weekend!

You are getting sooooo close now! Inductions aren't all bad. Glad everything looks good on the sonogram---can't wait to hear more details....soon :)

yippeee... a girl!

And it seems like the weather might be more enjoyable this weekend and next week as well... at least here, low 80's, which beats mid 90's any day of the week....

sitting on pins and needles over here.

Eep! A girl! Oh that's so exciting!

Plane tickets, progress! Now if only delivery were as easy as buying plane tickets ...

A girl! Knowing the gender brings it all so much closer, or so I imagine.

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

A girl!!! Plane tickets!!! Girl clothes shopping!! Wheeee! Getting officially excited now. I never had Zen!

Of course, you know I got this update secondhand from the Headbanger ;)

sounds like you will soon be texas bound. congratulations.

i've known quite a few women who didn't find out the gender until they were overdue. i guess they felt that if the baby wasn't budging, they were at least entitled to know the gender.

So excited for you about your baby girl on the way! Will be anxiously checking for updates!

wow. a baby girl, very exciting!! so much going on for you right now. that's pretty cool about the layoff. i know that sounds silly, but sometimes getting laid off is a huge gift and this time sounds like one of those times. thanks for updating!

I'm so happy for you guys. I've been sort of paralyzed to comment (and up to my ears in potty-training...), but I wanted you to know, that I'm SO excited, and a GIRL?? Well, I can attest...a girl is THE most fun. I mean, we just registered for BALLET classes, yesterday..who would have thought, three or four years ago? You've hung in there so long, I just keep hoping for better and better things for you and the mister. You both deserve it SO much. An early birthday present, too. Godspeed my friend, godspeed.

I'm crying just reading your comments. This is really wonderful. So very close. Can't wait for the next update.

A girl - woo hooo!! Good luck with everything - I cannot wait to hear. Have you settled on a name? Are you going to share?

I'm sorry about your loss - sometimes it doesn't really matter how much time has passed does it?

A girl--how exciting to know! Can't wait to hear all about her, and about Ms. FoodNetwork. I hope she doesn't need that Monday appointment!

get that debit card warmed up and go buy some fun girl clothes! May you have a wonderful trip and hope we hear from you soon. Thanks for sharing with us the gender before some of your family finds out. We feel honored! Are you packed and ready to go?

How exciting- a girl! Boys are great, but the clothes for girls are so much cuter!!!

Wishing you safe travels tomorrow if tomorrow is indeed the day :) And if not, then may Monday bring even better news :)

YAY a girl!

Wow, plane tickets and babies, oh My! I'm so excited for you guys - I bet you are just buzzing with nervous energy.

I hope you guys have smoothe sailing through the rest of this journey - I'll be saying a little prayer for all of you.

@Lynette - just wait 'til you get to that ballet class, and you have 15 little girls lined up in little pink leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and almost buns in their hair. It is just too stinkin cute. . .

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