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Thursday, 13 August 2009


very excited with and for you!!

Boy or girl names? I've got a couple of suggestions to toss into the ring.

Thinking of you guys and really hoping this is it!

I like your naming rules! Very similar to our own, in fact.

It sounds like you've gotten things together, which is great! So excited and so very hopeful for you!

OMG! I am just thrilled. How did I miss that this was happening. And no offense taken on the -aden thing. When we had Braeden, no one had that name. Now there's another one at school, albeit the other one is spelled pathologically kreatively. Bleh:P

You'll like this website if you haven't found it: http://www.babynamewizard.com/namipedia/advanced-name-finder

You can put in all of your search parameters and it'll spit out the names that'll work!

Mortally offended here.

Breaking the nickname rule for son #1 -- though his birth certificate says Charles and not Charlie -- and cutting the "not in top 20" rule awwwwfully close for son #2

P.S. Our iron-clad rules were...

1. Has to be easy to spell when you hear it
2. Has to be easy to pronounce when you read it
3. Has to be instantly obvious whether the child is a boy or a girl

P.P.S. Now I'm trying to come up with a name that breaks ALL your rules.

I am so excited for you! And 100% on board with the naming rules. Our list also included that the name could not be the same as anyone in the family (which we then broke) and whatever the name, baby would have my last name as a middle name. I loved playing with the baby name wizard as well.

Sending good vibes your way and waiting on spectacular news.

Hoping that more great news is coming your way soon.

Millie - not knowing the boy/girl question in addition to everything else is a nailbiter.

Well, I have to admit DH Sven often is called Seven or Swen but I still like his name....

Looking good - the situation, looking good - you in a medium - Congrats on all your hard work at the gym!

Trying to think of lots of mad Celtic/Swedish names just to be annoying hahaha! I am sure the kid will be super-cool whatever their name.

And a shopping spree in 14 mins??? Without me as your style consultant??? I don't believe it!!

not to change the subject - but how much weight have you lost?

sending hot texas baby thoughts your way.

let me know if you want to borrow our digital camcord!

oh, and you already know my pick for a girls name. for a boy, how about names related to texas... like william (like williamson county),

whoa! you won't need gripewater yet. but do bring a swaddling blanket - cotton for the heat. diaper cream probably won't be necessary, as the early poops clean up nicely with water or plain wipes. do bring lots of wipes. lots. lotion for YOUR hands, but really baby skin is perfect. oh, and earplugs. maybe some bring soft towels for the train ride for clean ups (better than paper towels). but overall? you'll do fine. really you will.

Hoping with everything I have for you! Update when you are able!

Thinking of you two (and possibly three!!!) all the dang time! Will be glued to my reader for more updates!!! Sending much love!

Longtime reader, but I don't think I've ever commented. Names are a favorite topic of mine though, so I'll toss a few in the ring. Your naming rules were very similar to ours (named our daughter Daphne - would have been Charles if she had been a boy). I think with initials you're trying to match, I'd go with Cora or Nora for a girl and Everett or Elliott for a boy. Hope things go smoothly for you this next week!

Thanks for the update we hope more good news.

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