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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Good to hear from you. Good luck with any possible situations out there. I hope there is one that ends up being the right one.

Thanks for the update... whenever you're ready to pop in is fine with me!


That Contador is a jerk! I mean, you don't have to admire Lance Armstrong, but you do have to respect him for what he's accomplished. Alas, I saw none of the race this year...next year, though, I'm going to do a one month subscription to Eurosport - oh, wait, there's skating and the Olympics,too - okay, maybe more than one month.

Anyhoo, glad to hear that things are moving along on the baby front - may this Christmas be *your* Christmas!!

sounds like a lot of stuff going on...good luck with everything! around when would a possible match occur?

That's such wonderful news to hear that you are "in play!"

Thanks for the update!

So Happy to see you post on your blog. Great talking to you too. We need to get together soon - maybe I can sign up for a baking lesson? Enjoy the remaining time you have off before working again.

Praying for you and the mister that one of these babies will be "yours".


Always happy to hear anything you have to post. Looking forward to hearing more details about being "in play".

Thanks for the update! I check your blog often and have been wondering how you've been doing. Looking forward to hearing more about your potential matches and keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I've been doing my best not to hear about that cycling tour. I'm glad it's over, though there's still the Spanish and Italian equivalents to go.

So many situations, so many contacts. How do you keep your head from spinning?

Who's your favorite sprinter? I'm always slow with communications during the Tour and I almost joined twitter because of the cyclists but then didn't. I'm like that. I've never commented before but I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story when you can. Your story has been inspiring for me in my own drama. Wishing you and your husband an excellent match very soon.

Great to hear you are doing so well. Wow.... many possibilities-how exciting and best of luck!! Hopefully THE ONE is just around the corner.

well lots of action has got to be better than no action. I do so hope one of these will work out for all of you.

Glad you are back...I've been busy with confusing life...but kept clicking to see what was new with you...you've been a busy little bee! Isn't it nice to feel like the girl that all the boys want (only in this case it's the potential adoptive parents that all the girls want)??? Fingers crossed for you!

Howdy. Feel free to update anytime. I'll be waiting. And on facebook. And peeking in your window. okay, maybe not that.

Hope all is well.

I actually found this more etentraniing than James Joyce.

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