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Thursday, 19 March 2009


23 lbs, wow! that is awesome. still can't believe the 5am thing, but you go!

Fantastic on the weight loss and fitness stuff!!!! I probably need to do something like that mostly for the lower blood pressure part.
It is sad about Natasha Richardson. How quickly things can change for anyone.

That's great about the weight loss--congrats! As for our president and March Madness, even though I'm not a huge basketball follower, him picking his brackets still made me swoon a little!

Awesome! Very happy for you.

I thought of Love, Actually yesterday. God, that's tragic.

Yesterday there were about 75 students standing in the library lobby gazing at a TV as LSU beat Butler. I've never heard a library that loud.

Congrats on the fitness progress. It's nice to be skinny but even better to be strong and fit and really challenge yourself.

Congrats on the weight loss! Gosh, I put some on after I came back from NYC and here I am starting an IVF cycle. I'm doomed!

OMG, Madame Pamplemousse is coming here??? OMGOMGOMG. I would love to meet her. If you two have a moment to spare, please let me know!! :-)

This basketball thing: I have no idea what you're talking about. Do they like basketball around these parts?

You must have sent those 23lbs across the pond to me. I will make you look even skinnier, standing next to me hehehe.

You rock, babe! How did the rowing go????

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