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Monday, 30 March 2009


Are you bad mouthing my Gonzaga??? Yeah I know. They lost.
Hope your ear feels better soon and that the trip goes very well. Good for you on the 30 minute rowing.

woohoo on everything, except for the eardrum!

So you'll shout 'What?' a lot - it'll just make you more memorable.

Cheers, hon. Are you sure you can fly?

Wow, Sorry about the ear thing. Weirdness. Hope you get it under control before your flight. Will you be sharing you name considerations? I promise not to mock them.

Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Get better soon, sweetie. I have had an awful sinus/ear/throat thing so you are maybe having a sympathy thing with me ROFL!!!

you are seriously not from around here if you call it bean town. tourist alert. you're coming at a great time of year. the weather has been so nice lately. and flowers are starting to bloom.

Here's to a trip filled with good news.

Ow on the eardrum thing. Can they really stop you from flying?

Hope your ear gets better in time for the trip - have a great one!


Oh my goodness, sending good vibes for that ear. Sounds mega painful, ouch! Why can't doctors get this shit right on the first visit? What is med school for anyway... lol

Fingers crossed for this trip. Enjoy yourself and I am sure she will love you!

Might be a bit rainy this weekend, but in the 50's at least - which, as you know, is beautiful for us!

Hope the ear's much better before the buttcrack calls.

Can't wait to hear about your weekend!

Have a great trip!

Wow. This sounds pretty serious with NHL. Hope your ear feels better soon...

Congrats on your Tar Heels. Looking forward to your next post with fingers crossed.

Hey Millie, check out this time-lapse photo of Franklin Street last night.........


Wish you could have been there?

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