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Sunday, 22 March 2009


I watched it and (surprisingly) thought they did a good job portraying the stories of these families with sensitivity. who knew?

I am appalled by MTV in general though -- every ad for every show was about people fighting and/or having sex.

I have not seen it but I;m impressed that it was done and that both you and Luna think it was done well (considering it's MTV). Also, I hope this gives young women and men and their families a good portrayal of an option that is underutilized.

tivoed it this morning and am looking forward to watching it.

and the young ones! one of my all time favorites...

Sounds like a very interesting show. I don't even know if I get MTV. And no I haven't watched it since they quit showing videos.

I DVR'd it and watched it this afternoon.

I was surprised that they did a good job.

I was so sad about the one who didn't go through with the adoption and then walked away from her child anyways. The couple looked so cute - the would have been great. I know that the father is taking care of the child but he didn't have a job and he was already taking care of one child.

By the way, what was it with NO ONE having a stinking job?

Hey M... thanks so much for your support these last few days. I really appreciate it. Might want to talk to you about UCSF sometime soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that this will be The One for you. Take care, my dear.

I have not seen it but will check listings to see if I can still catch it.

Hi Millie! I didn't get to see the shows but I wanted to stop by your blog and catch up. Keep posting about what's going on...we're all on tenterhooks here! -- Bee

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