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Wednesday, 03 December 2008


Surrendering can be very freeing, but it's certainly not an easy thing to do. You are a strong, strong woman, Millie and I am in awe of how you are handling everything that life has thrown at you these last few years.

Okay, I'll bang my head up against the wall for you guys.

I'm disappointed for you guys too.

this surrendering thing is hard, but it's the only way. as you said, very freeing to just let go... yet it must be so tough to remain unattached to the specific prospects as they present themselves. the lack of control is a constant test...

so glad you had a great trip. looking fwd to hearing more about it...

Hope you found lots of yummy food while you were in DC.

Also -- what Chris said. xx

Oh millie and mister, I am so sorry. You sound very calm about it all, I'm glad you're feeling ok, but it must still be so very disappointing. I so hope it's not too much longer til one of these situations works out for you.

You really do sound very zen about the TNPL situation, but I am still sad. I will continue to be hopeful for the right situation to come along very soon for you. (And I can't wait to hear more about your travels!)

Aw geez, Millie.

Thinking of you!

I'm most impressed by your enlightenment. Clinging on to the illusion of control is hard, but letting go is harder.

Your strength is amazing, and I just wish this would work for you already.

Many hugs, and I'm glad that you had a good trip.

Well shit Millie, I had so much damn hope for this situation. I'm so sorry. Just sucks. But, you will be placed eventually. You sound like you are holding up very well despite and glad you are going to be blogging more because I miss you! GO HEELS, wohoo!


I'm sorry to hear about TNPL, but am beyond impressed by your attitude. And you are right, another situation will work out. I hope it's soon.

I'm sorry it seems as if the situation isn't going to work out. I was so hoping for you. Glad you had a good trip.

I'm so sorry about TNPL and of course, you're absolutely right about control and giving it up - very difficult thing to do though, so good on you!

Hang on - 10 cent martinis?? How have I never been to this paradise on earth?

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