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Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Have a great time in New Orleans.

Sending good thoughts to TNPL and her family...

Oh!! Have a beignet for me!!

I am so glad to see an update. Have a great trip!

ooh, have some beignets and cocktails for us! enjoy your phase 2 and soaking in all the family and friends and good times to be had by all. maybe we can try to squeeze something in before the next trip? have fun!

Ohhh, I just love N'awlins!! The beignets at Downtown Disney are not quite the same. And the hurricanes-- man did I lurves me a whole lotta them (until the next day)! Muffaletta sandwiches, crawfish étouffée... yum!

I hope you have a fabulous trip, and I hope you get some good news while you're gone (is that possible?) so that the parental notification thing can move forward. I can't wait to hear all about your trip (and other life events)!

(And I'm definitely sending those positive thoughts to TNPL.)

Safe journeys and enjoy phase 2.... So you are matched? I'm still confused, I'm sorry. Anyway sending good thoughts to TNPL's family.

Oh, Millie - holding my breath that you get that formal match very soon!! And I wish I had insight re: to tell vs not to tell at this point - I would have trouble not telling myself, but that's just me.

Enjoy your sabbatical - LOVE New Orleans!

I think you will be matched soon! I hope that TNPL family emergency is not to bad. Enjoy your trip.

Have a fun trip. It sounds great. Hope the match comes through soon.

Oh! My husband is driving to New Orleans for a meeting tomorrow! I will have him yell "HI MILLIE!" out the window on his way through town.

Sending good thoughts. So jealous about NOLA, I would love to go. Have a blast, and see you soon.

Enjoy the trip.

Hopefully you'll know either way before meeting up with the family.

I love New Orleans. You can't not have a good time there. Anywho, here's the thing. When you are parents, you will find that sometimes you have to tell well-meaning (and not so well-meaning) relatives where to put it and put your kid's needs first, even if it seems you are being unreasonable to everyone else. I know you know this. Think of this as lesson number one of being a mom and dad. I would tell them what's going on, tell them nothing is definite, and tell them that you can't make plans during Jan at all. Personaly, I wouldn't want to take a baby to HI a month after it was born because that's when they can be fussy and colicky (of course, your baby will be a dream) but if you feel up to it (and you should, because you're not jaded like me) then you should do it. In February. If you must. But they need to know that there may or may not be a baby involved and they need to respect that and get the heck out of the way for momma.

I just typed that really fast because I'm freezing. It's cold here in NC.

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your trip sounds fabulous! hope you're having an most excellent time...

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