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Friday, 24 October 2008


Dear Millie, that situation sounds so distressing. I'm so sorry. Hoping very hard that the behavioral training works wonders, and that you don't have to face a separation. Thinking of you.

I'm so sorry Millie. I hope you find the best situation for everyone in all of this.

Aww, Millie, I'm sorry. Sending huge huge hugs...

lovely, millie. as you know, we went through something like that with our (briefly) third dog, birdie. it was awful and it still breaks our hearts to think about it, but all of the options we had at the time would bring guilt and sadness for the humans and fear, stress and worry for the dogs. in the end it came down to, which choice will give all three dogs the best chance? and for us, that was to give birdie away.

if you're a dog lover -- especially a mutt-pound-shelter-dog lover -- you think you'll *never* be one of 'those people' who gives away a dog. but if there's one thing we've all learned from if, it's that we never really know what we'll do until we're in the middle of one of those hypotheticals. you'd think we'd all learn to be easier on ourselves -- to feel less guilt about who we 'should' be -- and give ourselves something of a break. but it's more complicated than that, especially if you're as thoughtful, compassionate and caring as you and the mister.

all of this blather is to ask that you please remember this: no matter what you decide, you two have taken good care of younger dog; you have loved her and worked hard to create a home in which she's felt as safe and secure as possible. if she leaves, i know you'll make sure that she goes to a home where she will have the peace and calm and quiet that a fragile dog needs; you guys and older dog will also have more of that, too. and when your baby comes along, you won't have those worries about how the new screeches and baby screams might startle and scare younger dog, or how the necessary reconfiguration of the pack might play out for her. (i've actually seen very nervous dogs become much more calm and peaceful with the addition of a new baby, but i don't know how common that is).

i sound like i'm lobbying (assvicing?) for a particular decision here, but i'm not. the only thing i'm lobbying for is that you and the mister go easy on yourselves -- you will make the best choice of two shitty options. and you will make that choice based on love and compassion.

sorry for the long comment. i'm sending love to you all.

I'm so sorry. I hope the new clinic can offer some great help and insight to this situation.

I hate that this terrible situation has to be another adoption learning process for you and the Mister. Where does it end for you, sweetie? Wishing you peace and a good resolution for all of you, especially the pooches.

OK, that just totally sucks. I'm so sorry that Younger Dog is having such a hard time again. Please don't be too hard on yourself. You obviously love your dogs and will do what's best for both of them. I hope the behaviorists at the vet school can help and that you won't have to make such a difficult decision. I wish you well. . .

i'm so sorry millie...i can't imagine how hard this is for you guys.

Oh Millie, I hope the behaviorists will be able to come up with a solution.

I'm sorry to hear you and the dogs are still struggling with all of this.

Oh Millie, I so hope you don't have to find a new home for your younger dog. I can't imagine how that must feel. I really hope the behaviorist are able to help.

I hope you are able to keep you family together. If not I hope you find the solution that causes everyone the least pain. Some times situations just suck and all you can do in minimize the damage.

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