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Thursday, 16 October 2008


Welcome back!

Hooray! You're back!

So excited to hear you're well, doing things, etc...

Hi, nice to see you back! I would love to see your site. Everytime you post I keep hoping it will be some adoption news-I know it will come one day soon!

how wonderful you got to see your friends with a brand new baby thru open adoption. but yes, how sad you didn't even know it back then. ah the sad isolation, how true.

how awesome that you still go to your reunions though. I had absolutely no interest in being surrounded by all the 3-kid-families. nope, not me.

welcome back!

and yes, I think it was levi, for sure!

Too funny about Wasilla, AK. I'd love to see the link.

Welcome Back ! Looking forward to hearing more.

Glad you are back! I have been reading for a while and finally delurking. I would love to see the link to the profile.

When I'm in a large group, I automatically calculate the one in six dealing with some kind of infertility in their relationship. It means that of my graduating class, there are six to seven counting me and that makes me sad that in 2008 it's still a "shadow" disease.

I'm glad your reunion had some bright stars to share.

Would I be able to get the link as well?

Wow, that's a coincidence, yes? Too much!

And emotional scammer? Even just hearing that makes me want to find that person and mangle them for you. I'm glad that you were prepared and are ok, and sounds like you need to brace for more of the same. I SO hope taht this gives you real hits and options. I just pray for you.

So does that mean you could potentially be adopting the Vice Presidents Grandkid? Which, in a weird kinda way, could kinda make Sarah Palin like a Mother in Law? Too weird!

Glad to see you posting again.

Funny about the hits from Wasilla. Sad about the scam stuff. I know it happens but it's still so disheartening.

Hey, it was good seeing you. Sorry we couldn't eat anywhere nice, but as you now know, my kids would have dismantled the place.

Too funny about the Wasilla thing.

The next time you are coming to a certain "hometown" state again, I would love to meet you! Glad you are back, missed you guys. Hoping the site pans out soon, it looks great!

My money's on Levi too... something tells me Palin = MIL = dragon lady, for sure...!

Thanks for the comment on my blog today... I've been checking in here from time to time, usually too dang busy to leave a decent comment, and not wanting to leave less.

I am sad for your struggles, but I know you will find your way and have your own child soon, Millie. Hang in there and I will keep you in my prayers. I will also get your site linked to my blog, hopefully this week. It's a beautiful site and I have a feeling it will definitely help. I'll let you know when I've linked ya'... : )

goodness me, sorry it's taken me so long to comment here. My firefox allows unlimited open windows, but that's not good if `i never go back to them! I am sorry.

Sounds like you had a good reunion. Me, I blab my reproductive woes to all and sundry so everyone would always have known, but I know that doesnt work for everyone. Glad that you made the connection.

I think the site is awesome. I really wanted to call that number but realised that (i) I'd be costing you a lot of money, and (ii) Im most definitely not the caller you want, so I refrained. I hope you get the right call soon.

hi millie -

i'm just catching up with your recent posts - so glad to see you back! i had asked for the link to your site in your prior post, but now i'm not sure i provided my e-mail address at the time?? this time, i see for sure that its listed above. in any case, i would love to see it if you're still up for sharing.

all the best,

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