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Friday, 12 September 2008


Dear Millie, that sounds very, very good.

Happy Birthday! May wonderful things happen for you this year.

Happy birthday! Don't feel so bad about your difficult dogs - I have a couple of those myself. Your dogs are so lucky to have you and the Mister.

Happy birthday, sweetie.

Happy birthday!


Happy, Happy Birthday!
Hoping for good things in the year to come!

Happy birthday! My birthday wish for you is that you spend your next birthday covered in baby spit-up, stepping around toys, onesies and empty bottles left on the floor and that the closest you get to breakfast in bed are the baby toes you and the husband smooch that morning.

Happy birthday, sweetcakes!

wishing you a very very happy birthday millie! if a day belated. sounds like you've been enjoying yourself and had a great day!

I'm sure the dogs were just working out the new territory thing. hopefully they're getting along by now again.

Happy birthday :)

Happy Birthday. I'm glad you are having a good time inspite of goofy dogs fighting etc. Hope the rest of your time is great.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear!

Happy Birthday, Millie ! Sounds like you are off to a (mostly) wonderful start to your sabbatical.

Happy birthday, dear Millie. I am glad that you are having some peace finally.

Sweet lady!

Happy belated birthday! May the rest of the year be as peaceful and full of love as the day you had on Friday.

Sending you much love.


happy birthday millie!

wishing you everything you wish yourself - and then some...

many more,

Happy Birthday Millie, and I'm so jealous of you vacation. Hope your doggie heals quickly also.

Millie, I'm so glad you had such a terrific weekend. Sounds simply divine.

Happy birthday, Girlfriend!

A belated Happy Birthday!

I'm a few days late here (as per usual), but happy birthday!

I can't say I'm a Ben Folds fan, but I do love the new song with Regina.

Happy Birthday and thanks for the 'from sebatical' update!

Happy birthday Millie!!! I hope it was a truly happy day. (hug)

I know I'm a little late, but happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday! That sounds amazing - all of it.

Oh my dear, happy belated birthday. I'm just now getting around to checking in on you -- I didn't expect an update as I expected you to be ignoring your PC on your break :) and, the dog is still a puppy and all that entails.

We had such a wonderful time with you and the mister. Thank you for the kind words. Never fear, you guys can stay as long as you like -- next time I'm breaking out the sleeping bags :)

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