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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


What?! With all your vacation choices, none of them include Carhenge? Or Missouri River rafting? Or the Doorly Zoo? Why...I'm shocked! (why yes, those all would be close to where I live, why do you ask?)

I'm seriously stoked about the ED! Can't wait to hear more on that soon.

Wow. Three years! We discussed doing a shared cycle with Garden State. I wonder if it'll take us three years to get matched up if we're the ones donating. Meh.

Good luck Millie, and of course if you're in the area, would love to meet up.

Wow! You have a whole lot going on! You're heading to Philly? I live in the burbs... I covet your vacation!

Had a great time seeing you the other night.

Wow - excited to hear you got your first choice with the embryo donation; that is GREAT.

Heres to us both with babies or in late stages of pregnancy a year from now!

Well, I was looking forward to reliving my Argentina trip when you took yours, but I can totally understand. Sounds like so much is happening. I hope you end up overwhelmed with babies. (I actually know that you and the Mister could handle it.)

I am currently much closer to you geographically but not close enough to share a drink. Here's to hoping we can share a nonalcoholic toast not too far in the future!

Come on over!

Great news from Garden State! And I'm burning with jealousy over your travel plans. I say a week in New Orleans if you can squeeze it in. Can't wait to hear more-


Wow the DE thing sounds promising.

Your vacay plans sound wonderful and relaxing.

Congrats on the embies. Awesome plan - cuppla kids quickly!

Very exciting. Have you talked to them about maybe trying to transfer a whole friggin lot of them? That crazy doctor over there may just do it. I know its risky, but given your heartbreaks and failures, maybe its worth considering?

wow, millie, you've got a lot going on there. your sabbatical break sounds pretty fantastic. I like the lots of vacations idea.

hope to see you sat.!

Wow, a sabbatical sounds lovely for you and DH. And, great news from Garden State! :-) Woo hoo!

That's wonderful news from Garden State! Hooray for first choices! Fingers crossed about not having to redo testing...

I just got my call about my embryos today (too). Oy!

We should all get together for drinks soon!

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