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Wednesday, 25 June 2008


oh, man...i totally know the answer!

sounds like things are moving on all fronts. i'm excited for you guys!

What a cool hammock!
Fingers crossed for you guys. One of these times HAS to be THE time . . . (This is my own personal mantra.)

Wow! I'm totally impressed. My husband won't agree to us pursuing adoption and IVF at the same time. I'm envious (in a weird way).

Happy to hear such a newsy update. You have been busy!!

And, I totally can't believe there is not such a biracial couple in your area, weird. But...here's hoping that this might be it! Wow!

I am so happy to hear about how many options are coming together for you right now. Hoping for true synchronicity for you here. I haven't been posting much but I'm looking almost every day to see how you are doing and what's going on. I am so pleased I checked today!

How awful about the fires, on so many fronts. I hope that things are under control soon.

I hope this woman turns out to be your future child's birthmother. Thinking of you!

Hoping one or more of those plates work out. I can't believe you found one of those of Craig's List. Very cool.

Ben Folds Five --Smoke! :) I lived in NC for 4 years, so I became familiar with and then a huge fan of Ben. I normally lurk on your blog, but thought I'd say hi. I sincerely wish that you get lucky with adoption soon. You have endured so much, and continue to remain positive and not jaded! I am someone who is still in the trenches of infertility, and I have little hope for success, so I really admire your temerity. I hope you get your happy ending soon!

Did you see the sun tonight as it went down? Really, really red and strangely wouldn't show up when I tried to take a picture with my digital camera...
Sounds like you are rebounding nicely. I'm still crossing my fingers for you!!

Lots of pokers in the fire!
Good luck!

That is one funky hammock. You sound fired up (seriously, no pun intended) about all the paths you are exploring, and I am glad to read this.

I was just reading on spaceweather.com that all the smoke from the wildfires in northern cal is making the sun appear lavendar. Is it lavendar where you are? Kinda cool if it is - though still not cool that there are so many fires.

I hope all this activity brings you to a busy day phone call telling you you have been selected! The phone will ring when you least expect it to.

I hope those fires are way way away from you all.

hi millie, I just found your blog in a post about blogher (lori's) and wanted to introduce myself. First, I wanted to wish you well on this current situation. Good luck!

I'm also in norcal and we've recently moved on to domestic open adoption. From the Qs you posted before, I think we are doing our home study with the same local agency. I think there's also a chance we may be considering the services of the same facilitator, so I'd really be interested in hearing whether you were satisfied with the way she eventually handled your last situation... and anything else you'd be open to sharing... Please feel free to email me if you are up to it. Thanks! And best of luck again!

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