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Monday, 23 June 2008


For your RSI, you might try Pete Egoscue's DVDs and/or books. His theory is that it's all about posture, and I've found that his exercises and stretches really help me. Hope you're able to wrap up the project pretty soon and take a break!

Have you seen a Dr. for the RSI? I know a very good (though quirky) one in SF. As someone who had a problem years ago, my assvice is to get the treatment you need and DON'T WORK in a location that makes the problem worse. Either fix the home workstation or don't work there. Also - all of those braces can do more harm than good in the long run - it depends on your situation.

In a completely unrelated topic - thanks for this blog. I have learned a lot from you about various treatments and I look forward to hearing happy news from you on that front. I feel that it is your turn!

I was referred here after a pathetic plea from me to my readers for URLs of bloggers who have been where I am. It's been 8 years, every stinking fertility treatment you can imagine and no kids. We started the adoption road over two years ago and still...no kids. I'm scared and tired. So tired. I just wanted to connect with others who know. I think you know.


Acupuncture? I have heard it is very good for RSI, but only really for short-term relief.

Hee...hee...we're a "mixed household," too...

Something that gave me "some" relief when I had the PG-related CTS, was what a friend, who is a hand therapist, (or something like that) said to do. Soak your hands and wrists in hot-as-you-can-stand water, then soak them in ice water. I think acupuncture is probably another good idea. It's worked for every other pain issue I've had (except IF...) Unfortunately, the braces did nothing for me. Hope you feel better...

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