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Friday, 09 May 2008


I would think some low-key, simple acknowledgement might be nice. She is, after all, about to make this huge parenting decision that not many women have to make. But I think sending her breakfast in bed with an afternoon at the spa might seem weird, and also desperate. Perhaps a little note explaining that you acknowledge and respect her position and a homemade cupcake? It'd be good to hear what others think about this.


I am so happy to hear that you have found a good place. I hope that you can stay there always!

I don't know about the Mother's day gift for the NPL. I didn't know that pregnant women celebrated it? You should go with your gut. You know her.

You sound so good in this post, and that makes me so happy. So happy.

hmm...since you asked for advice re: "M-Day....Personally, I might just send the NPL a 'thinking of you card' saying something like, no matter what you decide, you'll always be a mom.

Of course, now that i actually type it out, it sounds pretty cheesy. Honestly, I am not sure if I would do anything, maybe less is more? I think anything more than a simple card could be misconstrued.

Oh, and I love your menu. I knew it would be delicious!!

I don't have any specific idea, but I think a nice, simple gesture or acknowledgment the other commenters suggested would be the way I might go.

It warms my heart to hear of the emotional place you and the mister are in.

i have no idea about sunday, but i am so in love with this sentence:

"I do know that I'm coming from a place of hope and openness, not fear and desperation..."

and so, so happy for you and the mister.

yes! yes! yes!


How about a simple bouquet of flowers for the NPL on Mother's Day? Nothing crazy like roses, something simple like daisies. Traditional, inexpensive, acknowledges the day without going over the top or getting overly sentimental.

Hey Mil! I just wanted to apologize for my lack of commenting, lately...I'm still reading and hoping for some really good news, soon, for you guys.

You have me grinning. What an uplifting post.

Did you end up doing something for NPL yesterday?

Also, well, YUM. I am, no lie, salivating.


So...what did you decide to do re; m-day and NPL? :-)

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