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Friday, 02 May 2008


Well you know I am a knot for y'all and really hope this works out! Keep us posted!

Sounds good, so far! Enjoy the SoCal sunshine.

This is the first time I've commented, but I read often. I'm so excited for you. My daughter is adopted and we are parenting transracially. It is sometimes a struggle, but an awesome adventure too. You are asking yourself great questions. I think you'll make a fabulous choice as well, and I only know you through your writing!

wow. This is all very exciting. Incidentally, I have loads of little boy clothes, gently used...should you need them. :)

So glad it went well! BTW do we get photos of the nursery and the weedlessness??

Hope you are having a wonderful time at the conference -- you know that I am totally envious :) Can't wait to hear the full story!

thank you for catching us up, my dear -- i'm so glad it went so well!

i'm just sitting here smiling.


Just wanted to say hi and good luck x

Thank you for catching us up, dear M! My heart is just brimming over for you.
Oh, and what did you cook for dinner?! I think I would have probably spilled something or burned my hand! :-) I am sure you were brilliant and your meal delicious!!

Doesn't a part of you just want to urge her to pick you? I think I would have serious trouble fighting that urge.


What a super update. So glad things are looking good thus far. I would be happy to discuss what we have done with Rebecca concerning her African American heritage -- just drop me an e-mail. Keeping positive vibes going out to your potential son's birthmom. It sounds like she is thinking it all out and that only can be a good thing.

You don't check for a couple of days and BAM, things happen !These are some wonderful happenings... thinking of you and the mister and ....



So glad it went well! Dare I say this is very exciting? I hope you can connect with Caucasian moms of other African American kids in order to get advice. We have our Families with Children from China group and I'm thinking there must be a group - even if it is only online - you can join. I know you are resourceful so you will find what you need.

GOOD LUCK MILLIE! I have goosbumps. I know. I know. No premature goosebumps allowed but I can't help it.

Hi, my daughter is Middle Eastern and African-American, adopted domestically in 2006. My husband and I are white. We did a lot of soul searching prior to her adoption. Once we got her, we were too busy to think much about the racial difference. Now that she's older, I'm thinking about it a lot. Her hair is humbling for me. I joined a YMCA that has a mix of black and white families so she could socialize with kids and caregivers who are African-American. What I haven't done yet is reach out to African-American moms. I have had some opportunities but let them slip away. It's an adventure. Please let me know if you have further questions. I'd be happy to help and of course I'll hold a good thought on this promising situation...

Goodness, I fall behind on my blog reading for a few weeks, and look what happens! What exciting times, I'm thrilled that things are looking up. Don't worry, of course I'm cautiously optimistic, I wouldn't want to jinx you!

Wow... you've come so far in a year. Checking back in to find your happy news. Very happy for you!

The race thing in adoption is a highly debated issue. In the end, I believe that love is the only thing that matters, and raising any child in a healthy environment is what will affect your child the most. But connecting with others who have experienced what you hopefully will is probably good too.

I've thought about adopting a child from Africa. I don't know if it will ever happen... but it might.

Wishing you the best of luck as this story unfolds!

I'm speechless with joy.


Fantastic news that things are going so well, and glad i can finally catch up after 2 weeks out of touch to hear some good news for once!

Re the multi-racial families I think it's really really hard and there are no straightforward answers. My godmother adopted twins from korea about 22 years ago and lives in a very white bread community in vermont. Both children had real issues with identity during their teens, one seems now very fine and ok with her family structure, the other still very troubled. You live in a very different community with very different initial understanding of the situation. I'm sure you and the mister would do your utmost to provide what this boy would need.

A boy!

I know it's horribly shallow but I want to hear more about the shopping. Do share.

The suspense is killing me....any updates yet, my friend? oh, and i still want to know what you made for dinner!

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