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Thursday, 10 April 2008


Welcome back! Missed ya!

Glad you're back! The work schedule and the illness sound horrid . . . . now the garden redesign . . . that sounds nice.

You're a much better wife than I am. The Meester gets sick so freaking often, that I've stopped babying him. Otherwise, he'd be like that 3 days out of the week.

Oh Wavery! How the heck is she? I miss her!

So sorry about the sick, although I am curious about how you fed Mr. Millie toast and tea from across the room. Did you fold the toast into little airplanes and toss it over? Did you Macgyver a really long straw for the tea? Knowing you, you could probably pull that off.

so glad you're surfacing again. please give my best to wavery and her boy(s).

Congrats on the successful launch!

Please say hi to Wavery from me.

So glad you are feeling better. Being sick sucks, esp. when you have to work, ack...
The Heels, double ack!!! I could hardly stomach the game.

Hope all goes well with the back yard project, we need before and after photos!

Congrats on the successful launch also.

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