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Monday, 28 April 2008


Have been following your blog for a while now and I am THRILLED for you. Just don't forget the miracle blanket! It's a godsend for new babies. Keep us posted. Your news has made my day xxx

so effing psyched for you guys!!!! This is the beginning of a wonderful thing!

Holy cow! I literally have goose bumps all over! Oh my gosh! I am just all aflutter! If you need anything at all please don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my dangedest to help you out. You have the phone numbers? I'll email to ya anyway.

Such an exciting time!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! You've practically got me hyperventilating; can't imagine how you and the mister are handling it all. Sending all my best thoughts your way.


That is amazing and wonderful.

I do think it is a sign that the local store had the crib that you like!!!


PS. Was it kinda surreal to read about yourself in the home study? I found it kind of hilarious in a way, to read about myself in the third person, and even more hilarious to read some of my husband's statements verbatim. ;-)


Sounds like you fit a weeks worth of activity into one day--Congrats on your forward progress!!

Holy crap...I've been reading but not posting, but had to post to this one. I can't believe the movement in what now amounts to a short period of time (and know that I don't refer to the loooong years of infertility issues - I mean since you first contacted this consultant). I am very hopeful for you, and am so happy that you had some fun (and successful) nursery shopping complete. Just remember, they don't want perfection - it's like hanging out with the Stepford wives. So while your list is long and your time is short, don't make yourself insane to fix everything. Just be your marvelous selves, and it won't matter what you serve for dinner (although I am sure it will be devine and I will envy you for making such wonderful dishes!!)

You will do brilliantly in every way with any NPL you will meet, and hopefully this one will be the right one for all of you.

I'm so hopeful - finally a light at the end.

This is just so exciting! Amazing how quickly things are moving!!

WHAAAAAAT?? No way!! Unbefrekinleavable! Ooh, I have goosebumps. I don't know what to say except I am hoping so much for you all. XO Daisy

oh! oh! oh! i'm breathless here!!

eeeeek! wow!

no words!

(except for: is the crib a stokke, you marvelous lady, you??)

(please excuse all the exclamation marks -- you sound very calm, which is good. but i am excited)

Wow my friend, WOW! I'm so thrilled for you. It's so wonderful to read the good news and read about your outfitting a nursery. It's your turn; I couldn't be more thrilled for you.

Holy crap! This is very exciting...
Ummm, pictures??

Holly shit Millie, I'm getting butterflies in my stomach for you. I can't wait until you have that little baby in your arms. I hope the meeting goes well also. I remember when we picked up our crib. It stayed in our walk in closet for months. I just couldn't imagine walking past the "baby room" and seeing a crib with no baby in it. I really actually never thought there would be a baby in it, but now there is. And shortly you'll have a little one in your crib. OMG, I'm getting so excited for you honey. Please keep us posted on the meeting.

Holy crap - you have a week ahead of you, that's for sure! Good luck with it all!


Am reading your blog and am just praying with DH that all goes smoothly and that you will soon be an "infertile graduate" who moves on to motherhood and with a newborn as you wanted. I am sure NPL and her mother will love your home, your dogs and cat and of course your yummy cooking. What a perfect family home for the baby - like Kimmer and everyone else who has posted, I am totally excited for you and DH.....will keep checking for updates.

They expect you to have a nursery on standby?!
That would freak me out! I'm glad you're enjoying it, though.

Wow, you sure took that unexpected turn with an huge dollop of grace! (That part is not a surprise, but wow, you are amazing, woman!) I am dazed and thrilled for you, and happy you found THE crib on such short notice. I know the coming week will be busy, so take care, hope the meeting goes fabulously, and please update when you make it to the flip side! XOXO

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