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Sunday, 02 March 2008


Ok, I give. Will you send me the recipe (if it isn't too much trouble?) I have a lemon tree full of fabulous lemons, and have made everything from Greek lemon chicken to lemon sorbet. Next up is a good old southern style lemon pie. But lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting sound too good to pass up!

Awww Millie, I'm sorry you've lost your baking mojo but I do understand. It will be back. Hang in there, my friend.

If you're sending the recipe to Boulder, we (that would be me and my 4 lemon trees) would love a copy too! And happy birthday to the mister :)

I am crazy about lemon-flavored pastries....yummy.

Wish The Mister a Happy Birthday from us crazy ladies on the internet.

Holy crap, what's next, filet mignon from a can? Amazing! :) Happy B-day to your man.

Sounds really good.

Those pancakes? In a can? I'm scared. And yet,intrigued.

A late Happy Birthday to the mister!

I'm fascinated by the pancake in the can. And, now that I know they're tasty, I want to find some and try it!

Millie, I think it is fabulous that you actually tried that stuff AND liked it! I saw it a couple of weeks ago in WF but wasn't that brave.

Can I replace your whipping stick with a wet noodle? You *have* been so busy, too busy to even take much time (if any) for yourself I imagine. Please go easy on yourself. Your weekend sounded simply wonderful. Any chance for a repeat next weekend?

And thank you for the recipe links. If I ever get over my own baking hump, I first owe my hubs some PB chocolate chip cookies, then I think I'll try those brownies! :)

I can now admit that I just bought those pancakes in a can. Organic! Pancakes in a can! Usually, if it is in a can it's imitation all the way, so when I saw them at the big box wholesale store I had to get them but haven't tried them yeet. Glad they weren't a big ol waste of $$. Lemon cupcakes in a can would be good too, but absent that, I'd love to try and make some....if you share the recipe....glad you had a good weekend.

happy belated birthday to your sweet mister!

(and i understand about the not being able to do the things that you love... i'm sorry about that).

many kisses.

I'm glad your boys managed to pull out a win, that always makes for a better day. Not sure what to think about pancakes in a can, but the mini brownie cupcakes are something I may have to pursue, maybe with peanut butter frosting.

Sending belated birthday greetings to E.

I like the face lift.

I'm a terrible baker. Have never been able to conjure up that kind of precision. But I do love to cook, and when I start eating canned soup for every meal, I pull out my food books. Are there any good baking memoirs? I have all the general cooking ones, but there must be one about bread somewhere. One friend of mine has a new blog: onbread.blogspot.com.

So that's nothing poetic or helpful, but sent with all big love.


3-3/4 C. Sugar and 4 Sticks of Butter? Holy crap!!! I feel I have to run to the gym just reading that! :P

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