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Saturday, 29 March 2008


luckily i'm much closer than 3000 miles, so they'll probably hear my screaming.

so glad you got the day off...enjoy!

Way close also, they are hearing my screaming loud and clear.

GO HEELS, it's a little to close for comfort at the moment!

You naughty blogger you! Enjoy your day off, and fingers crossed for good adoption news.


hey millie! i'm still checking in. did you know that walking your dog counts as being athletic?

xx T

I think training for a 5k counts as "athletic" in my book!!!

Wheeee- I can't wait to hear more from "Connie!"

Happy Day Off. I think that compared to most Americans, you ARE athletic and fit. Boot camp, 5k training, you go for hikes and walk your dogs . . . those people will be very, very smart if they pick you.

I'm proud of you for taking that day off! Sounds very healthy to me.

Eager to hear more about possibilities on the horizon, as time permits.

You guys seem kind of ourdoorsy to me. Also, you look very young. And don't forget the yoga for six hours on a Sunday thing. I'd say you fit the bill. Here's hoping--how wonderful would that be!?

Man, that was brutal tonight.

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