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Monday, 21 January 2008


i'm glad you are in-law-free! that's unbelievable about BIL (well, believable for you, i guess!) i can't imagine.

Goooood lord, he sounds like a real winner. Poor little kids.

At least your in-laws made an effort to ask questions, even if it was on overload. The advantage is that their questions will be like so many you will be asked over the next months, and even after all of the waiting.

The EBIL? I really don't even know what to say about him except really hope in his case that karma is a bitch.

Your BIL is such a wanker. I feel bad for the kids.

Glad you survived the long weekend! Would love to know more about the questions your in-laws had.

I am sorry to hear about the break-up of yet another BIL marriage. Too sad for the kids.

Wanker indeed.

yuck, sorry to hear about your BIL. SOunds like your PsIL were a lot less toxic than usual, though?

Dear Millie, I'm glad the in-laws asked so many questions -- it really sounds positive, although I'm sure it was a bit too much all at once...

And your BIL sounds like a real piece of work. What a class-A jerk.

That's great that the inlaws are excited! I think that will really make a difference in how much they can absorb from the book. And I can totally relate about the squirrel -- we've had similar dog moments at inopportune times...

"I don't think it's possible for two narcissists to make it last, it was just a matter of time."
This makes me laugh. I keep thinking that 2 negatives equals a positive, but alas, I think that only works with integers.

I just love the misinformation campaigns that start up around these things. Hope things aren't too hard on the kids.


Your BIL sounds like an ass. Hope all is well besides having to give seminars!

How unfair that he even gets to walk out of a second family.

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