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Friday, 11 January 2008


Congratulations Godmommy! I'm sorry about your friend's son- how horrible. I keep thinking about AMS and her recent loss of her son as well. Too much sadness out there.

Awwww! You know I am sending hugs for the good tears as well as the sad ones. I miss the littlest Tar Heel too and wish we could have all known him.

How exciting about your new role as Fairy Godmother! Congrats, I know you'll do a fabulous job.

I have to say that I didn't picture you as a crier - you are so freaking strong that it just never occured to me.
I am so sorry for your friends' loss. So unfair.
On the good news front, you are going to be the BEST godmom ever, Liana made the right choice! That is wonderful.

Lovely to hear of your permanent link to Ms Z, not that you needed any excuse to spoil her, right? And very sorry to hear of your friends' loss.

Well you know grief over a failed cycle finds its own way of expressing itself - even if you think you can be stoic and move on ...
Congrats on making fairy godmother - v.lucky.

Miss Z is so blessed to have you as her godmother, fairy or otherwise!

And I am so sorry about your friend's loss. It is too awful.

Congrats on being asked to be a godmother. That is a huge honor - and undoubtedly well earned.

Last year, I cried at work a lot. And even with my own private office, people were starting to notice! LOL.

Congratulations on being named Godmother! Wow! :-) What a great way to end the day as well.

awwwww, now you make me cry! What a lucky lucky girl miss Z is. She's got the greatest Mommy and Daddy, and the bestest Fairy Godmother in the land.

And the internets make really good friends!

I'm a crier too, esp. when I have PMS, lord forbid... You're coming off a failed cycle so don't beat yourself up, that alone is tuff.
You are going to make a wonderful Godmother, congratulations!

sweet millie, i hate the thought of you crying in the cubicle...

and your friends -- i am so sorry that they're facing such a terrible los.

and you as a godmother? that's a wonderful honor and you will be fantastic -- what a lucky girl z is!

love to you,
your friendly southland crier

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