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Friday, 28 December 2007


Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if there are some of us who are desperately waiting for you to POAS.

aw jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. FINE!


I hope you had some brownies to go with that bbq ;)

I'll call it strong.

I say good on you! Hold out till Monday if you can.

It is not nice to torture us.

Monday? Are you insane?

You know, you could just go to Target, but a FRED, pee on it (in the bathroom, of course) and then tell us what happened. Your mother doesn't even have to know.

Not that I've been thinking about this or anything.

Or you could throw it away in my trash can! no need to stink up your nice purse. ;o) Or wait 'til Monday. But you better not hold out after that!

Yeah, I mean, if I had a nickel for every public big box store bathroom that I POAS....in....actually, I usually do it at the office. And put them in my purse. And under the seat of the car. Kinda gross, then, no?

I'm excited to catch up and see you had THREE to transfer! I'm fervently hoping that you have a most excellent reason not to imbibe on NYE. (Not that an implantation would be tied in to your circulatory system by then anyway, but YOU know what I mean...) ;-)

just thinking of you and sending all good thoughts to you, love.

S'ok. I will get over it...sniff.


You have some willpower. I say go POAS.

Wow. Monday. Okay, I guess we can wait. My fingers are getting a little cramped from crossing them for you...

Glad to hear you are holding steady. I like the waiting. I hate pee sticks. Damn, hope it's the one... if you have a second, do you have any thoughts on the various donor agencies out there? In particular this one: http://www.surrogenesisusa.com/html/egg_donor_database.html

And when can we have lunch?!

Man, you know I'm in the Tarheel state also. So wish I could find you and MAKE you pee. I'm a reformed addict, it's hard for me to stop peeing once I start.

Thinking of you Millie. So hope it's good news also, can't believe you're keeping us in suspense like this.

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