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Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Congrats on the triple stripe lining. Hope it continues to go well from this point,


Nice lining there! Sounds like y'all had a wonderful weekend, too. Got all my favorite parts crossed for you...heck I have EVERYTHING crossed for ya! (and yes, I look like a freak all crossed up like this.) ;o)

Wow, what a wonderful weekend! I am jealous!! ;-) Now, off to ponder the identities of RW and JG. :-)

Horray for a triple stripe! You sound so happy! And how sweet is that husband of yours. Do you think you could have him give mine a few lessons? I so hope that this cycle continues to go well.

YEAH!! You sound like you are off to a great start!! As one of your number one fans I will be sending you positive energy every day. Best of luck to you, Daisy.

Everything sounds good! Hope the goodness continues to roll in.

You go, girl...! And just to think that you may have licked the same spoon as ol' Jakey makes me loins quiver... sort of. Were that my crazy beautiful monkey Joaquin, well...

Wow -- less than a week! Woo hoo!


Thinking of you....

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