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Wednesday, 12 December 2007


I don't know about hell, but the Garden State IS about to be frozen over. At least my State already is and we're right next door.

I'm glad they're on the ball, you are paying them to be, right?


LOL, yesterday I had a 'has hell frozen over?' kind of day too. You'd think I was a newbie at this ;)

Sending kisses your way.

Make them work, I say. My clinic are nototiously chaotic as well. Can't say that they've ever taken the initiative to call me.


Make them earn their keep, I say!


Sounds like the zen approach is going very well - go lining go! I cannot believe you are headed to the East Coast so soon, I will be thinking of you very very much.

I am coming down from a Melt Massage mega high to wish you luck, but also to say puhLEASE check your email, cuz I have an urgent question or two that I'm hoping you can quickly answer. Or least firm up a day for lunch... soon.

I guess the big hair keeps their big brains warm... and say what you will, garden girls are a persistent and determined lot.

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