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Sunday, 23 December 2007


You totally lost me on paragraph 4. But that's ok.

HH to you and the mister. Both kinds.

HH is GOOOOOD in so many ways, especially regarding your lining! Garden State didn't freak over my non-conversion and assumed it would. I guess it did as Max is here. They also didn't panic when my second to third beta didn't double. They really calmed my nerves on many occasions. And I have that rebel ute so there ya go.

Can't wait to see y'all!

Merry Christmas (I'm not American) and glad things are looking good.


So glad to hear the good report! And an HH right back atcha! :)

Glad to hear things are looking good - even if you totally lost me on that HH description. You're a braver woman than I - I could never give myself that needle, with or without contortions.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Xmas from over here!! Have a fabbo time with the mister and the olds. Smooches, sweetie.

Glad to hear all is looking well. Enjoy the holidays!

Wow- what a treat it was to meet you while you were here. HH (both kinds) to you and yours.

Congrats on the HH, and also very, very, very HH to you and the Mister. :-)

Wonderful report :) HH all around!

Re--injecting yourself--I found that if you sit on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror it's easier to manage. As long as you have a conventional countertop, not the pedestal sink type arrangement. HH to you as well!

I saw a Violet today with a baby seat in the back in Chapel Hill. I'm taking this as a good omen.

HH. See you soon.

It's just that I hate the pagans. Always shoving their yule down my throat. It's always Elvin Princess this, or thank goddess that. Damn Pagans.

I have to say, I've worked so much the past few days, even this Jew is ready to say - hey, it's Christmas! I'm kidding, I think. It's the exhaustion talking.

Was so good to see you! And while you were sleeping I tired to sprinkle baby dust on you, but all I had was cocaine. But it pre-implantation...

how many more inappropriate comments can I make here? Must put myself to sleep now. You should be with the Mister about now! I was thinking of you today when I heard airport news today...

Happy Holidays Pamp, good news on the lining.

Thinking of you.

Meant Millie, sorry...

Finally have access to the internet again and am glad to see the good news on your lining. A Hopeful Holidays to you!


If you can believe it, I'm typing with my eyes, fingers, legs, and toes crossed. And my mood and wires are always crossed anyway...

There's nothing that would delight me more than to spend 2008 checking in on a Bay Area p*^%$(#@.

All good things to you, M, and Happy fucking Holidays as well.


HH to you as well. I too have everything crossed for you. Everything.

i'm dying over here waiting for an update!!!!!

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