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Thursday, 20 December 2007


Dang! Three excellent posts...but you know I *love* anything in-law related. ;o)

The lunchroom post.

Mine was the lunchroom post. Hands down.

the lunchroom, for sure :-)

And, a belated congrats on the awesome transfer!!! Thinking sticky thoughts for you. Squeee!!!

Another vote for the lunchroom post (b/c it has more to do with the SQ site), although the BDIL post is hilarious!

I love them all :) but if I had to choose I would pick the awful inlaws one. Man they froth me.

Just so you know, sinful brownies have been priorty mailed to Miss Barefoot today so there will hopefully be some crubms left ;)

I'm such a go through the motions kind of girl now too.

Lunch room, definitely

The BDIL -is funny but so sad too - so I vote for the lunch room.

You're a funny girl, my dear! ;) (in regards to your last post and your four "options")

All the best to you on this cycle.

I am so bitter now that I totally don't believe in positive thinking has ANYTHING to do with the outcome of an IVF/FET cycle, but still, I do send good thoughts your way. :)


P.S. All three of those posts are great -- I particularly thought the in law one was awesome though.

Oh, honey, the MIL post wins, hands down! LMAO.

Yours tops mine easily, but I can still relate... hope you are doing well!

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