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Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I know that 3 must be true if teendoc says so, but I swear that every time I've been pregnant I've had some uterine cramping and ligament pain. GO figure.

I've got all my hope packaged up for you, sweetie, sounds like you've got some good ones in there.

I'd have to guess that you're all four wrapped up in one.

(minus the baby dust.)

Happy Shopping!

Okay I cheated and didn't read the beginning of the post. I got right to the first option and I thought, "Holy Shit! She's pregnant!".... then after reading a bit further I see that this is a little game we are playing... it was the baby dusting that gave it away!

I'm going to vote for #5.... Seriously, way too many days away for me to have an expert opinion on this one. But I'm hoping like hell that this is a beatiful finish!

OMG...its ALL OF THE ABOVE! I'll give in on the wine, but you better not be guzzling VODKA! *:*:*:baby dust:*:*:* (wow, I thought I blocked that shit out of my brain. I see its still accessible. ;-) )

F'ing hilarious!!! You are the best. I gotta big jug of baby dust on my desk I will sell you REAL cheap! Best of luck!!
xxoo Daisy

What is it with the baby dust thing anyway? I've even heard people (Babycenter people) talk about "sticky baby dust". Can you imagine anything more disgusting?
Anywhoo, I'm still crossing my fingers for you, girl.

You live in the Bay Area. Why would you go shopping in Philadelphia? Also, I'm sending babydust. hahahahahahahahahahaha. And sticky vibes. Sorry. I just peed myself.

And to think I could have solved all my problems 4 years ago if I'd just had enough :):)*****Baby Dust********.

I'm voting for #4.

I have a confession, I slipped some bd into your vindaloo when you weren't looking.

OH the joys of the 2ww! Thinking of you and hoping, hoping for you.

Happy holidays and a great new year!

XXX Artblog

My vote is for #4. You're too sane to be freaking out [like I would be]. :-)

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