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Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Oh my gosh, M., I so feel for you, how frightening. And I could have written exactly what you did about DH and the "I don't know" - like that's a really hepful response! I'm glad you went with your instincts and just took #1 to the ER vet and that both your pups will be OK. I would've been too worried to do anything else too.

"I don't know" ranks right up there with "Whatever."

Hey, I emailed you this weekend about The Plan. Did your spam eat it?

Your title is oh so true. NO one makes me cross like H does.

Sounds very scary re the dogs, I'm so glad they are both ok.

Wait, I think you are married to my husband. But hold up. That can't be. You're husband has been employed for more than 3 months! (I need to stop.)

Truthfully I think the "I don't know" response is given when they know what we will jump in and decide what needs to be done. I think it is laziness, pure and simple. But what do I know.

oh, fuckity fuck. I'm sorry about the existing stress and now dog stress heaped on top -- that is the pits.

sending all calming thoughts to the dooogies and love to you and the mister.

What a night!

We moved our vet business to an animal hospital because they charge their regular clients the normal fee for emergency visits (as in we go for more than our share of emergency visits).

I'm glad the furkids are OK. Hope you catch some sleep tonight.

i'm so glad they're okay, but how scary! you know, i hate bothering doctors. i always feel bad. but it's their job.

d does that ridiculous "i don't know" thing. drives me batty.

Oh sweetie, you are going through it right now. I'm so sorry.

Oh, I so empathize. When I first brought my youngest dachshund home as an 8 week old puppy, my other older dachshund attacked her biting her in the eye and head, while she screamed like nothing I had ever heard before. Puppy screams. I thought for sure she would lose the eye. I yelled and my neighbor came running to help, and she drove me all over town, trying to find a vet with later hours. We had no luck, but the puppy finally calmed down in the car. We were living in the boonies at the time, and there was no emergency vet, and I had kept my old vet a half hour away. She made it to the morning, and I took her to my vet then. She wound up only having a bite on her eyelid, thankfully, and some marks on her forehead. Still has the scars. They still occasionally scrap, but not like that. I laid down the law with the older one. Also, my DH is very similar (of course, they apparently have the same family, so that figures! LOL) Anyway, I hope there is peace and understanding soon in the house.

Oh that sounds just awful. So glad that they're both okay, but I think you're smart to keep the separated until the stress level subsides. Hang in there. xx

I am sorry you had to go through that. I hope that things calm down soon.

My husband's classic response is.... whatever you think is best.... or, whatever you decide. I could strangle the life right out of him when those words pass through his lips. And, I think it is laziness or a lack of accountability.... that way if it all goes to hell, and I make the wrong decision, then it's my fault....

I hope the pups are back to their good natured selves, and shame on them for messing up your plans for a peace filled evening..... did you remind them that Santa won't bring them wonderful doggy surprises with behavior like that?

Hey, Millie, I'm leaving this comment here as I don't think my emails are getting through. Feel free to delete:

I had wanted to follow up on The Plan and a question I had: since I obviously missed the deadline, can I still pick out something for A. and have it sent to you; or should I just send it to her? I don't have her address.

The other thing: yes, I have your address for the card exchange and am sending you one, whether you want it or not. Maybe you've got it already?

Anyway, hope you realize I'm not avoiding you but there must be some love lost between our email accounts.

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