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Tuesday, 06 November 2007


I love meeting new people who "get it". How cool is your nurse to match her scrubs to her eyeglasses anyway???!

Sorry it's more than a "pinch" and I hope both you and Emily recover quickly.

I'm glad you made it through the hsg with the help of your mister.
Glinda sounds like a dear. I want to give her a hug, too! :-)

It reminds me of the triple Goddess. I had never noticed and I have 87 of the things lying around the house!

Nothing like narcotics among friends I say, isn't it nice when you get 'one of us'?

It's never easy, but it's never dull either, eh?

Raising a glass to Vic. Um, it IS okay to drink while taking narcotics, right?

Glad it wasn't too bad. And, hey, nice to hear news of Emily — thanks.

I'm thinking about you two today -- please Vic, step it up!

Big kisses to you, the mister and Emily!

Whoops - I suppose it's too late to say "good luck for the hsg!". I'm, er, glad it went well. Hope the doc says nice and reassuring things.


Love that pumpkin and always love and miss Emily.

Good that it's done. Rest well now.

Whew, I'm glad you were accompanied by two gentleman when you needed them. And how cool is that nurse! Funny the places we find like souls, eh?

She does sound lovely, too lovely almost, where can I find one of those around these parts I wonder?

Take care now and take it easy too :)


I so would have loved your nurse, being a fellow ectopic queen...

Glad you made it through the hsg, and VIC is my best friend at times like that.

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